With the changing world of business, it is more important now, than ever before, to be prepared for the unexpected. Whether it be COVID, the economy, a future pandemic, the loss of a family member or anything in between, there are steps you can take to assure a little disruption as possible. One person who does all possible to help entrepreneurs prepare for the unexpected is Melissa Gamarra.

Melissa Gamarra is a Certified Online Business Manager and Author living in Salt Lake City. She helps online business owners create organization and business strategies so they can scale their companies effortlessly.
Melissa Started her business while in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy and working a 9-5 in business finance. After building a successful online business for herself and many of her clients she decided to share her knowledge via her new book, Transform Your Online Business into a Flourishing Enterprise.
With a background in business finance, Melissa worked primarily in the brick and mortar world helping companies with operations. She quickly learned that the online world was “world’s apart” from traditional business. Yet, Melissa also recognized many similarities such as the need for establishing a strong foundation including standard operating procedures.

Transform Your Online Business

It was during the pandemic; Melissa realized the need to go deeper into her passion of working with entrepreneurs on business development. It was this realization that encouraged her to write her book, Transform Your Online Business into a Flourishing Enterprise: Build a Foundation for Stress-Free Growth (available on Amazon for only 99 Cents for a very limited time.
The book is a must read for anyone who wants to lay a foundation that prepares them for the unexpected.
Transform Your Online Business provides you step-by-step strategies for building a foundation for online success. Areas of focus are:

  • Scale your business as a virtual venture
  • Add two extra hours to your day
  • Select the right technology tools for your particular personality
  • Create standard operating procedures for easy task or business operations transfers
  • Onboard millennials effectively
  • Apply key concepts for recruiting and retaining good help
  • Build a legacy business

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