If you’ve been dreaming of writing a transformational book, have you done so? If not, why?
From the aspiring authors I’ve spoken to there’s one main reason. They didn’t know quite where to start. A second reason is writer’s block.
Here’s a fact…every aspiring author dreams of seeing their book at the top of the best-seller list.
And, every author who ends up on those lists all did one thing you haven’t done… YET!
They wrote their book.
If you want to be a best-selling author, you’ve got to write!  That’s the first step to success.
Second, you need to get over “writer’s block.”
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2You’re not alone if you’ve ever sat down to face the blank page, only to get up before writing one sentence you like!
Christine has trained nearly 70,000 authors, and personally mentored hundreds to get their book out of their head and onto the page.  She’s the best and most impactful book coach I know.
I know she can help you too… to write the book you were born to write, and make the difference you’re here to make with your words.
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Of course, there’s much more in the training Christine is offering. Check it out. Happy writing!
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