When people travel, one of the ways they enjoy a new destination is through food. For most, they know there will be plenty of choices to enjoy. Yet, as a vegan, finding great cuisine can be a challenge. Enter Rebecca Gade Sawicki.





Rebecca is the creator of Veggies Abroad, travel blog. Veggies Abroad was born from her love of travel and one question she was asked by virtually everyone who knows she is vegan.

“What in the world did you eat?”

This one question AND her love of writing was the catalyst for Veggies Abroad blog.

Her blog features vegan travel guides, practical travel tips, resources, and vegan lifestyle content.

Long before Veggies Abroad was born, Rebecca dealt with several food sensitivities which caused countless problems. It was her food issues that led her on a journey of discovery that has opened her two greatest passions: food and travel.


Athletic Performance and Food


With food issues at the forefront, she explored the connection between food and athletic performance. As a runner, she was anxious to find ways to improve her performance in a healthy way.

Rebecca will be the first to admit she didn’t always eat the healthiest, but as she discovered the power of food as medicine, she took the necessary steps to eat as healthy as possible.

The further into her research, the more the veils were lifted. She discovered how cruel animal agriculture is because of factory farming. Yet, despite what she knew, it took a while to accept that dairy was equally as bad as meat.


Engage Fully


Having committed 100% to the vegan lifestyle, Rebecca teaches people to fully engage all five senses to totally immerse yourself in the experience of a delicious meal, appetizer, or dessert.

Aside from being vegan, Rebecca is gluten free and sensitive to a slew of things, so people assume once she leaves her home, starvation must occur. She is determined to show people all the amazing vegan food the world has to offer.

Through her blog, she wants to connect readers with the stories behind the amazing food with interviews from great vegan chefs and entrepreneurs.


Travel Tips


A quick visit to her blog shows the wealth of information available. Her travel tips are not only logical, they are also easy to follow.

  • Learn a bit of the language of the country you are traveling to. Focus on learning how to ask for the types of foods you will be ordering such as almond or oat milk, no cheese and dairy.
  • Download destinations on your phone in case Wi-Fi is not available.
  • Pack snacks in case you are in an area where there are not a lot of vegan choices.
  • Pack GI (gastrointestinal) supplies in case you run into any gut problems and a pharmacy is not readily available in the area you are traveling.
  • Roll your clothes when packing your suitcase. You will be able to get a lot more in the suitcase than if you fold the clothes.
  • Try to put everything in one suitcase so it is easier to travel. Too much luggage can ruin even the most well-planned trip.

Often, it can be less expensive to eat vegan while traveling rather than on a typical carnivore diet.

There are open markets that offer a wide variety of vegan choices.

Rebecca plans on growing her blog to an all-inclusive vegan travel resource including restaurants, hotels, destination points, spas, shops, and all that comes with memorable travel.

Rebecca is a seasoned writer and journalist having written for some of the top vegan publications in the vegan niche including The Beet and VegOut Magazine. She is often hired for publications interested in a seasoned writer who can provide great content about vegan travel. She also contracts with organizations who need fundraising plans as well as project management for events.

Check out the blog at https://veggiesabroad.com/