I work primarily with women and men who know they are meant to have a positive impact on their market. Call it community, tribe, family or market, in essence it’s all the same.

My customers and clients are creative entrepreneurs who want (and need) to know how to package and promote their message for maximum impact in their market.

Expertise runs the gamut with my tribe; health and nutrition, photography, art, writing, speaking, financial planning, business consulting, hand analysis, healthy parenting, intuition development and relationships to name just a few areas my clients specialize in.

Although extremely diverse in their offerings, there is one thing each and every customer and client has in common; they have a message they want (and need) to get to market and are always on the lookout for the most effective ways to do this.

In light of some major trends and “must knows” I encourage you to learn and understand one of the most important trends facing all of us today; mobile marketing.

Those who embrace this way of marketing will be able to more fully serve their market.

And isn’t that why you are in business, to serve your market?

Regardless of whether you are just getting in the game of mobile marketing or you’ve been doing so for some time this article on Mashable Business is a must read.

4 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Click Here

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