Saying you want to create a community is one thing. Achieving this outcome, is a completely different conversation. A successful community is based on several factors including strong leadership, collaborative partnerships, compassion, empathy, drive, commitment, and vision. Attributes that both Lisa Fox and David Pannell have, and some.



Lisa and David have used these very traits to bring together men and women from around the globe who are eager to veganize their businesses.

After both going vegan in September 2018, Lisa and David realized they had skills they could use to help other vegan entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Their journey started with the food and quickly evolved into an understanding and commitment to compassion for animals.

The Backstory

Prior to going vegan, Lisa was an on again, off again vegetarian. David had also been vegetarian for quite a while and his transformation came as a result of the health benefits. Then followed his 100% commitment to the animals and environment.

The greatest pivot occurred for both when a member of their staff brought in vegan brownies, and they realized being vegan could be flavorful. In addition, identifying as vegan was very aligned with their values regarding animals and the environment.

It was because of all the benefits they experienced, by being vegans and the impact it had not only personally, but professionally, they began the Vegan Business Tribe.

What is Vegan Business Tribe?

Vegan Business Tribe is a membership program designed to not only show entrepreneur how to grow their business, but how to succeed.

In addition, through their vegan consultancy agency, Promote Vegan, Lisa and David advise some of the biggest high-street brands and large global food manufacturers on how to better engage with vegan consumers and understand the plant-based marketplace.  Vegan Business Tribe is where they give back to the grassroots vegan business community.

In his previous career, David was an ambassador for the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as running his own marketing and business growth agency for over 12 years.  

Lisa also writes the monthly business column in Vegan Food & Living, the UK’s best-selling vegan magazine, as well as being a speaker on autism and running a successful business with a hidden disability.

Jointly, Lisa and David are the UK agents for The Vegan Society‘s Vegan Trademark scheme, helping businesses obtain the world’s leading vegan certification with the organization that first invented the word ‘vegan’.

Member Profile

The people attracted to the Vegan Business Tribe membership are highly committed vegans. They are passionate about being vegans. They are mission and purpose driven.

Members enjoy knowing they are not alone in their passion to veganize their businesses. They love the feeling of surrounding themselves with like-minded men and women.

Transitioning to a fully vegan business

Often easier than it sounds, there is a process for success in transitioning one’s business to a fully vegan enterprise.

Both David and Lisa recommend evaluating your skill set, experience, and track record. You must also determine if there is a market for what you want to sell. It is one thing to want to sell a product or service and something completely different to find those who will pay for what you offer.

Stage One

Build your audience and find out what your audience wants and is willing to pay for.

Stage Two

Test, test, test.

Stage Three

Be remarkable. Nowadays, it’s not just about offering vegan products and services. It’s about being remarkable to the point of being memorable.

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