Lots of people claim to trust the process of life, but when something blocks, challenges or stops them in the tracks they move into a high level of resistance. They seem to get on a hamster wheel where there is no escape other than to jump off.
This resistance shows up in so many ways with overwhelm becoming the obvious outcome. When we are in overwhelm, stress takes over. When stress takes over we are not able to make the best choices.
Trust is trust. If we say we are trusting all that is put in front of us, this means total trust. Granted, as humans we can get off the beam of the way we want to let things flow. Yet, the more we allow ourselves to move into the space of trust, faith and letting go to that which is meant to be, the less stress we will experience.
Something that helps to stay in the space of complete trust is taking quiet time to get centered, raising our awareness and conscious thinking by virtue of who we listen to, what we read, what we watch and the thoughts we entertain.
At times, it seems easier than other times. Sometimes it flows with no barriers. Other times, not so much.
A simple solution is to have the willingness to be willing to respond for even a short period of time in a way that regardless of what is happening we give thanks.
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