kindleWriters like to write. That’s a given. When you’re an engaging writer you do tend to build a following. One of the main reasons to have a loyal fan base is to generate a sustainable revenue stream.  The more of a following you have, the more likely it is every book you put to market will make money.
However, building a strong fan base is not always a given. To optimize your efforts, it’s best to have strategic systems in place.
To achieve this, it is necessary to think beyond your current writing project. You have to look way beyond the present moment. Basically, you have to take your readers beyond one book, blog post or article.
Start by asking yourself a few key questions.

  • Where do you want your readers to end up?
  • Do you have plans beyond them simply reading one book?
  • Do you want them to attend a live event, enroll in a coaching program or hire you to mentor them?

Based on your answers, there are many things you can do to engage your readers… beyond the book.
Regardless of whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you think in terms of where you will lead the reader.funnel
For example, many non-fiction writers offer more, much more, than a book or two. They may offer information products, home study courses, or coaching and consulting packages. If this describes you, then it’s important to think beyond the book.
The best thing to do is determine where you ultimately want to drive the reader and reverse engineer how you will get them to the end result.
One of the most important steps to take in filling a coaching program, signing consulting clients or filling an event is to engage your market. To engage your market, you have to have control of when they get your information. To control when they get your information you need to encourage them to get on your subscriber list. To encourage them to get on your subscriber list you need to make a very enticing offer.
One of the best ways to do this is to have lead bait strategically positioned inside any book you write. Additionally, the days of simply offering something to get a name and email address are long gone. You have to offer something of very high value that solves a specific problem.
Here are examples of two complimentary offers I have in my book Power Up Your Sales. Not only am I able to provide high value to my readers, those who want to obtain more of my information can do so by requesting these gifts.
funnel2Before driving traffic, it helps to have what is called a conversion funnel in place. In essence, a conversion funnel is the journey you take prospects on that ultimately converts them into buyers. This is a very strategic process and one that does require a well-thought out plan.
The following two examples demonstrate how making a complimentary offer in a book strategy can work regardless of the market.
Let’s say you’re a business strategist for consultants who work with corporate clients. Perhaps you teach your clients how to generate leads, have productive sales conversations and close more business.
Assuming you have a yearlong coaching program designed to teach them how to find more of their ideal clients, you can use your book as the first point of contact to position your expertise.
Based on the above scenario, create four to six topics to write on that would be of benefit to your potential clients. Each topic would solve a specific challenge for your potential clients.

  • Effective prospecting
  • How to have powerful sales conversations
  • Making offers that sell
  • Knowing how to follow up on sales leads

Now let’s assume you’re a fitness and nutrition expert. You have a program designed for women over the age of 50 who need to lose 30 – 50 pounds. Your potential clients are in relatively good health, but they know that if they don’t drop the weight they are putting themselves at risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke.
Based on the market, what are the top 4 – 6 challenges they deal with?

  • How to resist foods that pack on the pounds
  • Dropping the first 20 pounds
  • Easing into exercise
  • Sticking with your new eating and exercise program

Although these could be the topics for articles and blog posts imagine how effective each could be if they were books loaded up on Kindle, iTunes, Nook or Kobo.
It is essential that whatever your complimentary offer, it does match the theme of your book. Otherwise, your opt in rate will be minimal at best.
With the right offer in your book you are likely to get a 10 – 20% conversion rate for opt ins. From there, you must engage your subscribers with continued value.
Today, more than ever, subscribers don’t want to waste time. They are looking for high value solutions in the shortest amount of time coupled with ongoing value.
The more you recognize this fact, the more success you will have.
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