If you are using Twitter you know how powerful it can be as a marketing tool. When I hosted my Amazon preview teleseminar earlier this week, I couldn’t believe how many Tweets I received with folks telling others about the event.
Most were affilaites who used Twiitter very effectively to send the word out. Affiliate marketers are becoming more aware of how truly powerful Twitter is in their overall marketing.
If you are not yet using Twitter, I would highly recommend you do. One client just emailed me to say Twitter is the best. She promoted a teleseminar and got quite a good response for registrations from Twitter.
Something that is little known is Tweet Later. You can actually post your tweets to be sent out at whatever time and date you want. I had heard about it from Willie Crawford, Internet marketer master and Denise Wakeman of the Blog Squad, but honestly, never gave it much thought. You know, just a bit too busy to check it out.
That is until a few days ago. Decided to check it out and it is Fantastic!
I can take 5 – 10 minutes to post several tweets that will post throughout the day and move on to another part of my marketing.
Go to http://www.tweetlater.com/ to register for Tweet Later. You must have a Twitter account to do this.
Would love to hear from others who have used Tweet Later.
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Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer