There are countless ways to market a book. One of the most effective is to utilize OEM – other experts’ markets. Getting in front of an already existing market saves you time, effort and money. And who doesn’t want to save on all three?
You can be a guest on podcast and radio shows, be a featured expert on an online summit, speak at conferences and seek out guest blogging opportunities.
The best way to find these opportunities is to locate where authors who have a similar readership as you have been featured.
For example, with my soon to be released memoir, an author who definitely has a similar readership as me is Cheryl Strayed.
A simple Google search will bring up countless listings of where Cheryle has been featured.
Let’s say I want to focus on blogging opportunities. All I need to do is go to Google and put “Cheryl Strayed Blog Posts” in the search bar.
By doing this, I have ample choices of who to contact about being a featured expert.

Not everyone who uses this strategy will be immediately successful. If you have no content online you are less likely to be met with a positive outcome.
However, if you have been doing content marketing for any length of time and you have lots of content online, you minimize the risk to the blog owner.
The best way to make this strategy work is to start immediately to post on your own blog. The higher value content you have, the better.
If you don’t have much posted, you can set up a 30-Day Challenge to post something every day. At that point, you have showcased your writing skill and your chances of being invited to write for other people’s blogs increases substantially.
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