Is the Vacuum Law Working Against You?
by Marnie L. Pehrson of
Are you finding that your time is getting filled with things that aren’t moving you forward in your business?  Do you often attract people who want you to work on their projects, but you’re not sure that those projects are an ideal fit? If so, the Vacuum Law could be working against you.
The vacuum law basically states that if you want something new to come into your life, you need to make room for it first. Knowing this law is a great way to bring good things into your life, but it can also attract a lot of clutter.
Let me explain with an example. A client called me for a consult the other day, and I believe her situation is typical of those with a message to share with the world. This client has a partially finished book and workbook around her core message. She’s also developed a couple signature speeches to go with them. She’s a busy mom of several children and put her goals on the shelf for the summer.
Lately, she’s been opening up several stretches of time in her daily schedule where she can work on her business. She called me because she was wrestling with what to do with the people who kept coming to her wanting her to create web sites for them. Should she take on these projects? She has a desire to help people and knows how to build sites, but the thought of setting up and maintaining web sites feels lackluster.
Create the Space
As she explained her situation, she commented that she feels like she’s lost her focus, that she’s not sure what she’s doing anymore or whether her message could even make a difference in the world. The more I listened, it became crystal clear that this talented lady had become a victim of the Vacuum Law.
This law works great for you when you’re very clear about what you want. But it can work against you when you’re fuzzy about your objectives. In my client’s case, she had cleared time in her schedule, but wasn’t certain what she would do with the available time.  She’d lost her focus and lost vision of her dream. Because she was unclear, people in her circle of influence sensed she had time and began trying to fill it with their stuff.
I had a good talk with her about her big dreams. We discussed whether she even wanted to build web sites for people. She didn’t. Deep down, when the dust was cleared away, she wanted to finish her books and start getting her message out to the world so lives could be impacted for good.
What is Your Gift to the World?
Once she was clear on what she wanted, it became obvious that she could refer these people to web designers. With a little encouragement, she remembered that other people can build web sites, but her gift to the world is her story and her message. Only she can deliver it with power and influence.
I see this happen a lot with people. In our busy lives, we lose sight of our vision. When we do come around to having time to move forward on it, we are no longer clear about where we are going. It’s then that the vacuum law kicks in. Nature hates a void. It wants to fill it, and so our tendency is to become busy with unimportant tasks or let other people fill our time.
If you think the vacuum law could be working against you instead of for you, ask yourself a few questions:

  •  Am I clear on my vision for my business?
  • Have I thought through the path to take me toward my dream?
  • What is the next step I should take toward it?

With this information in hand, you can plan your days and your schedule with a governing focus that will propel you forward toward your dream. Remember, always get clear on your direction before you create spaces in your schedule!
What about you? Have you had something similar happen to you? How did you (or are you) dealing with it?
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