With travel restrictions lifted, many people are planning their dream trip.

Yet, for many vegans, they run into the challenge of finding vegan friendly environments, including healthy food choices and likeminded travelers, as they plan their excursion.

Enter, Brighde Reed, cofounder of the high-end vegan tour company, World Vegan Travel.

World Vegan Travel is fast becoming a favorite for vegan travelers ready to have an exclusive experience in exotic lands around the globe without the worry of their food and lifestyle choices.


Brighde spent her formative years in the UK and Australia before her desire to travel took over. The next five years were spent leading group tours for an Australian company around Southeast Asia, France, and Morocco.

She met fellow tour guide Seb in Marrakech, fell madly in love and a couple of years later they discovered veganism together. She became passionate about promoting the vegan message as an activist.



Widely traveled for both work and fun, one of her most important jobs at World Vegan Travel is ensuring the vegan food on the trips is second to none.

Although vegan travelers finding places to lodge and dine were difficult in the past, such is not the case today. Brighde and Seth are committed to raising awareness about the upward trend of more and more travelers who do identify as vegan.

Add to this the level at which their clients enjoy travel, and many facilities are more than willing to get very creative in how they accommodate their groups.


World Vegan Travel has gained the reputation for incredible experiences in amazing locations.

From Vietnam, Tuscany, Africa, Rwanda and other incredible destinations, World Vegan Travel can make your dream trip a reality.

Partnering with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau on many of the excursions, vegan travelers will have an experience to last a lifetime.


To assure your experience is one that runs smoothly, be sure to prepare the following.

  • Vaccinations
  • Passports
  • Proper timeframes
  • Clothing
  • Travel insurance

Great Reasons to Select The Best

About 95% of the people who book through World Vegan Travel are vegan. Yet, there are occasions where a spouse or friend is not but want to have the experience of this type of holiday.

Occasions for the travel include, but are not limited to:

  • Wedding gift
  • Anniversary
  • Career celebration
  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Retirement
  • Just because‚Ķ

Ready to explore the possibilities? Visit https://worldvegantravel.com/