With so much uncertainty in today’s job market, especially within the vegan and plant based industries, many job seekers are left frustrated and confused on the best way to go about a job change.  One expert who fully understands what people are going through is Madeline Mann.
Founder & creator of Self Made Millennial and the award winning job-search YouTube channel by the same name, Madeline has led thousands to successfully navigate their career search.

Madeline Mann has been featured on ABC, Bloomberg, New York Times and more. She’s the go-to expert for anyone serious about landing the perfect position with companies they are excited to work for.
With a stellar career as an HR (human resource) expert, Madeline launched the Self Made Millennial YouTube Channel four years ago. Initially, she simply wanted to share tips, strategies, and ideas with job seekers, but the show became so popular that she left her position to run her business full time.
Those interested in getting on the fast track of your career search will benefit from subscribing to the channel. Even if you are not actively looking for a job, the insights will put you in a great position should you ever decide to secure a different position.
Viewers enjoy a wide array of “behind the curtain” insights from someone who has made it her life’s work to inform and educate job seekers.

Finding the Ideal Position

  1. Play to your strengths by focusing on a position where you will utilize your skills in the best way possible.
  2. Determine what you value in the workplace.
  3. Balance human behavior and business acumen.
  4. Determine what your transferable skills are.
  5. Understand what your “zone of genius” is.

Resumes Have Changed

Many people have what is called the “autobiography syndrome.” In other words, they put their whole work history, in great detail, on their resume.
Your resume should not be set up like life story, Wikipedia page. Rather, view it as a sales document. It is designed to sell you, not be written like the next great American novel.
In many cases, less is more. But the content you include needs to tell a compelling story. To learn more on how to develop your resume, search for great positions and interview, be sure to visit www.madelinemann.com
Utilize the power of you LinkedIn profile to showcase your expertise. LinkedIn is a powerful platform that is very underutilized by many job seekers. Not sure what to do? Visit Madeline’s website to enroll in the FREE LinkedIn Webinar.

Reverse Engineer

As you build your profile and your resume, think in terms of the end result. What type of position do you want to secure? Based on your personal and professional values, what companies are a fit for you and of course, you for them.
Reverse engineer the process with the end in mind and aspects of your career and personality that support your desire for a specific type of position. Focus on the type of role you want to contribute to.

Showcase Personal Interests and Passions

In the past, job seekers were taught to keep their personal life personal. Today, your hobbies, interests and passions can play in your favor. For example, if you are passionate about animal rescue, and have been involved with a sanctuary on a volunteer basis, this can play in your favor in the job search. Especially if animal welfare is important to the organization. If it’s a vegan organization, there’s a solid chance animal welfare will be important.

Research is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Learn as much as you can about the position you are targeting. As well, research organizations you have in mind because the position may be a great fit, but the way the job is set up may not be. For example, if you’re seeking a position that allows you to work closely with a team and the position is remote, the position may not be a fit.
Or, if being home at night with your family to enjoy dinner together is important, but the position require you be on sales calls into the late evening due to time zone differences between you and company clients, this may not at all be a fit.

Connect Beyond the Profile

One of the best resources available to job seekers today is the ability to connect with high level executives on platforms like LinkedIn. Real connections can go far. Even if you don’t connect directly with the CEO or hiring manager, there may be others in the organization you can connect with; the very people you can build connections with who can help you move forward in the process.

Growth of Vegan and Plant Based Business

Over the last few years, there’s been substantial growth of vegan owned and operated companies. There is every indication that the vegan industries and markets will continue to grow, which puts vegan job seekers in a great position.
Never has there been a better time for people to find truly meaningful work.
More companies are focusing on what their mission actually means to their teams, the customers and clients, donors, and their local, national, and international position.  They are driven to promote lifestyles that promote high levels of sustainability.

If You’re in a Career Shift

If you’re planning on making a career change, start your process as soon as possible to determine what type of organization you want to join. What is the position that you would bring the most passion and contribution to? Set up your LinkedIn profile to showcase your attributes and experience as they pertain to the position you are interested in.
Connect, really connect, with people in the organizations you would be a great fit for. By “really connect” avoid sending out dozens of connection invitations without a personal note attached. Give a reason to the other person as to what motivated you to reach out.
Many people find this intimidating when it is actually about making friends and connecting.
Avoid randomly sending out your resume and do what Madeline refers to as the “Low Volume Job Search.” This is a proprietary process she teaches about how to be incredibly thoughtful with your approach. Nurture relationships because even if a dream company doesn’t have an opening that is a fit, the people you connect with may know of other companies that do.
To learn more about Madeline’s LinkedIn process and the Low Volume Job Search, register for How to 10x Your Personal Brand Using LinkedIn & Attract Clients, Speaking Engagements, and Jobs.
This is a complimentary webinar where you will learn exactly what you need to do to amplify your LinkedIn profile and job search, visit https://www.madelinemann.com/ and click on the tab at the top that re