Combining her love of animals, with her passion for writing and music, Mem Davis is committed to raising awareness about compassionate eating through veganism.



Her background and expertise include being a copy and content writing, primarily for marketing purposes. She loves writing copy for websites for those who run ethical businesses.

She has edited a number of books including Vystopia and Myths of Change by Clare Mann, and Hello, Can You Hear Me? By Bianca de Reus.

An author herself, she wrote A Field Guide to Retail; a satirical look at life behind the retail counter. Mem is a trained naturopath having received a university degree which included four years of nutrition training.

To her surprise, she had to relearn everything when she went vegan in 2012.

As an accomplished musician, Mem is in the band called The Mem Davis Collection. Her song, Freedom, Justice was written for an animal rights march and a call for the end of animal exploitation. She also released Jillian as a fundraiser for a local greyhound rescue sanctuary. Both songs send a percentage of profits to the greyhound and animal charities.

When Mem Davis practiced as a naturopath, one of her greatest frustrations was with people wanting a magic pill to lose massive amounts of weight yet, being unwilling to take healthy steps to change their lifestyle. From her own experience, she knew health was not contained in a pill.

Yet, it was not until she become a vegan that she understood what true health actually involved. Going vegan nearly a decade ago allowed Mem to get fit beyond what she had ever known.

Recognizing the connection between complications someone experiences if they are diagnosed with COVID and comorbidities, Mem is more committed than ever to raise awareness around health, animal welfare and the environment by what one puts on their plate.

A Journey Begins

Her journey began, like many who venture into a plant based/vegan lifestyle, with lots of research and watching videos on YouTube. It was when she happened upon plant based body builders, she realized the power behind this way of eating.

This led into the ethics of the animal industry and learning more about the atrocities of factory farming. Little by little, she gave up all animal products until one day she realized she was 100% void of animal and dairy in many areas of her life. She crossed the line and proudly claimed she was now a vegan.

Passions Combined

Mem Davis has successfully transitioned her business of writing into one in which she works with clients who have ethically driven businesses. With a passion for web-copy, Mem loves working with those who have a powerful message and know the value of working with a strong copywriter.

Beyond her enjoyment and passion for music and writing, Mem is 100% committed to compassion to animals and sustainability for the environment based on food choices.

She is a believer that one cannot just say they believe in a cause without backing it up through actions. Thus, the reason she donates a portion of her record sales to animal causes.

Start At Your Own Pace

Her recommendation for those who want to make healthy food choices is to find what works for you. Take things at a pace that will allow you to stick with it. Make sure you get enough nutrients and eat a balanced plant based/vegan diet.

Mem also recommends incorporating exercise into your day. Her personal favorite during the pandemic is yoga. She has an accountability friend who she does Yoga with via Zoom and YouTube. Her instructor of choice is Adrianne. You can find lots of Adrianne’s videos on YouTube.

Without a doubt, Mem is on a mission to raise awareness about health, the animals and the environment and how a plant based/vegan diet can impact you in a positive way. She recommends people have an open mind and learn as much as they can about what they are consuming. Question the status quo. Whether it be the way government subsidizes the mean industry and factory farming or what health departments around the globe are doing, be informed.

Most of all, realize that what you put in your body carries energy with it. If you are consuming foods that carry fear, pain and suffering in them, as is the case with animals, you will integrate these emotions into your energy field.

When you see all the fear, pain and suffering in the world, doesn’t it make sense to question your food choices to make healthier, more energetically balanced choices.

It does to Mem and millions of others who are choosing a compassionate way of living, eating and co-existing.

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