The digital world has become a very crowded place. For some people, it can feel near impossible to stand out and be seen. Many give up on gaining visibility for their message and mission far too soon.

Others seem to be throwing mud on the wall, hoping something will stick.


“The riches is in the niches,” has been a popular catch phrase in many circles. Yet, simply being niched may not be enough. You may need to stick your stake in the ground for a niche within a niche.

Truth be told, the more niched you are, the easier it is to gain visibility. The more visible you are, the easier it is for potential customers and clients to find you.

Podcast Appearances

A great way to get found by potential clients is with podcast appearances. Yet, it takes more than simply having the desire to be on a show to be successful at booking shows.

Before pitching a host, make sure you know what the show is about. For example, my show Vegan Visibility is a show specific to those interested in vegan topis. So much in fact, I only have vegans as guests on the show.

When I get pitched by someone who isn’t vegan, no matter who they are, what they are an expert at or how big a name they are, they are not a fit for my show.

All they needed to do was read the show description.

Vegan Visibility Podcast shines the spotlight on ethical, sustainable & cruelty free lifestyles and businesses. Only those who are 100% animal and dairy free in their food consumption are invited on the show. Hear from entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, visionaries and others who are fully aware they are here to make a difference.

It’s a good idea to make sure you are a fit for a show before pitching. Another way to determine this is by listening to, or watching, portions of a few episodes.

The more of a fit for a show you are, the better. Also, the more frequently the show airs, the more guests the host will need.

With the rapid growth of the number of shows, podcasts are definitely a great choice… when done right.

Looking for targeted vegan and plant-based shows? Check out the Directory of Vegan and Plant Based Podcast Shows.

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