For most plant based & vegan lifestylists, there are a few books and films that impacted them early in their journey to this life. In this episode, I share several and then drill down to my top three for a newbie.



This is the time of year millions of people think about what changes they will make in the coming year.

Many resolve to quit drinking or smoking. Others vow to lose weight. Still others commit to exercising.

The reality of resolutions is most people break them within a very short period of time.

Take weight loss. For some, the hot new diet is going vegan. Truth be told, veganism is not about dieting but rather, about a philosophy.

For me, I had given up on losing weight when I decided to give plant based eating a try. What I discovered is Plant-Based eating can be very different than being vegan.



In addition to countless books about plant-based eating and becoming vegan, there are some outstanding documentaries.

A favorite for millions is What the Health. It addresses the health issues associated with a diet filled with meat and dairy.

This is, hands down, a great start for anyone wanting to get actual science and facts as to why eliminating meat and dairy from your diet is a great move. 



In upcoming posts on this blog and episodes on the Plant Based Eating for Health Podcast show, I will cover documentaries, activities, cooking books and more.


Apples and Oranges


There are those who believe plant-based eating and being vegan are one in the same. This is not necessarily so.

In my post Vegan and Plant Based Are Apples and Oranges, I explain in detail the difference.

One can be vegan and not eat many plant-based foods. As well, one can be plant based while still consuming some meat and dairy.