Victoria Moran grew up in Kansas City in the 1950s and ’60s and never met a vegetarian, to being one of the most influential vegans today.

Victoria realized nearly 40 years ago, meat and dairy was not for her. Her journey into veganism began in her late teens when she discovered yoga.
All indications were if she was serious about yoga, was to eliminate animals from her diet. Yet it took years more before she became a full-fledged vegan.
When Victoria first chose this lifestyle, the term vegan was not popular. Most people who gave up meat called themselves vegetarians.
When Victoria learned that being vegan meant not consuming dairy products or eggs, in addition to meat, fish and fowl, it made sense on an ethical level, but it seemed nearly impossible on a practical level.
At the time, she was a practicing binge eater and periodic dieter who was overweight, finding it difficult to give up animal products altogether.
Fast forward to today. Victoria maintains a very healthy weight and has a passion for sharing the vegan lifestyle and message with as many people as possible.
Her passion has spilled over into her love and skill of writing, speaking and communicating. Victoria has written 13 books, hosts a podcast show and is highly visible on social media.

Turning Point

A huge turning point for her increased commitment to being vegan was when she had her daughter. She had gotten very serious about a 12-step program for people with eating disorders and vowed to raise her daughter as healthy as possible through the foods she fed her.
Her daughter, Adair, has been vegan from birth and co-authored Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World, with Victoria.

Victoria is the founder of Main Street Vegan Academy, which has helped passionate vegans grow businesses with the focus on the vegan lifestyle.
Main Street Vegan was founded in 2012 and has over 550 graduates worldwide. Graduates learn vegan principles, nutrition, health, animal rights and animal law, the environment to name just a few areas the training focuses on.
Pre-pandemic, the training was in person. Now, they do all training virtual which turned into a true blessing. They are reaching people who otherwise may not have been able to join the live trainings.
The Academy boasts a faculty that is the best and the brightest in the industry.
“In addition to coaching and teaching, our graduates are running plant-based companies, vegan shops, and restaurants, they on staff at animal rights and health-promotion organizations, writing books, podcasting, and using their VLCE credential as part of a pre-existing profession in healthcare, nutrition, fitness, yoga, and more,Victoria says proudly.
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For people to fully understand the vegan lifestyle, Victoria recommends they immerse themselves into the books, documentaries, websites and anything that will help them more fully realize the scope of the movement.
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