Regardless of what industry you’re in video can boost your visibility and engagement with your community.
For the last couple of days I’ve been at #BlogPaws2015. Wow! What a great experience. There are just about as many dogs, cats and ferrets as people.
With breakout sessions, keynote presentations, sponsors and networking opportunities, Blog Paws is the place to be.
One session was facilitated by my friend and colleague, Denise Wakeman. She shared great insights about using video in your marketing and branding. I loved her session and immediately found the desire to shoot a short video with Louie the French Dog.

Denise emphasized the importance of being willing to experiment and not worry about things being perfect.
This is an area lots of people get caught up in; they want things to be perfect. Truth be told, you’re better off to get your content out to market on a regular basis. If perfectionism is in your nature, this is something you have to work through. Otherwise, while others are getting their message out, you’re still tweaking, tweaking, tweaking your content.
If you tweak too much you will be left behind.