Chances are you’ve received messages from friends saying, “You just have to see this!” while sharing the latest and greatest videos ranging from simple “how to” videos, cute animal videos, business training videos, spiritual videos, and everything in between.
There are incredible advantages to creating videos to spread your message to the masses. By far, videos are one of the best ways to build name recognition, create a following, become a recognized expert in your industry and so much more.
No one will argue that video is HOT! But what makes one video go super viral while others barely get seen? There is a definite formula for success.
There are billions of views every single day on YouTube. Then there are the videos hosted on websites, posted on social media and other video locations. It’s mind boggling.
Imagine getting just a tiny bit of the daily views. 1/100th of 1% would be incredible for virtually anyone.
Let’s assume you are creating business videos and you want lots of traffic. To get the most out of your efforts the following tips will make a huge difference.
1. Focus on current events. Videos that deal with current events and timely issues tend to do much better than those that are not relevant to what is happening in an industry, market or client-base.
2. Utilize keywords viewers search on. This is absolutely essential to the success of your video.
3. Controversy works. Think about the videos you are “drawn” to. Many likely have controversy as part of the appeal.
4. Make the videos engaging.
Not sure how to get the most out of your efforts. My buddy Lou Bortone definitely knows the latest and greatest about video creation and marketing. Actually, Lou is recognized as one of the earliest adopters of video and a world renowned and undisputed expert of video.
Lou created a short (get this) video series on how to create great videos; those that get watched, shared and create a buzz.
The video series is absolutely FREE so check it out while Lou has it available. Click here to access.
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