The following are a few excerpts from the current episode of the Power Up for Profits Podcast show. After a long hiatus of doing my podcast show, I’m back in the saddle.

The goal of this podcast show is to share ways that bona-fide experts can gain lots of visibility. The show is geared to experts who want to learn various strategies to gain visibility.

A huge focus is with podcast interviews. Going deeper, it’s about virtual podcast tours.

We will move into how you can set up your own show, but that won’t be for a while. Primarily because most people don’t have the wherewithal to have a show and stick with it.

There are a few reasons most people shouldn’t start a show with time and knowledge at the top. My recommendation to most experts is rather than starting your own show and having to build your audience and content and doing this week after week, it’s better (for most) to be a featured expert on various shows.

Starting a show too soon into your plan for gaining visibility may spread you too thin. Begin by being a featured expert. Take time to find podcasts shows that are a great fit for you based on your message, your market and your topic.

When you get that down, then you might want to consider starting your own show. I know there are others who won’t agree with this and try and convince you to start your own show. They are entitled to their opinion, but I’ve seen far too many experts burn out from overloading themselves.

The Trifecta Approach

Like many authors, I made the mistake of believing writing one book would put me on the map. I also had an erroneous belief that the book would somehow market itself.

Fast forward to today and now I KNOW it our responsibility as authors to market the book as much as possible.
• Have a plan to market
• Realize, writing the book is the easy part
• Determine the “back end” of the marketing plan
• Learn the real definition of what it means to be a bestseller (hint… hitting #1 in a category may not mean you are a bestseller)

Once you write the book, comes another level of work. In this interview you will learn my journey of writing books and learning how to market them.
To get the most out of your efforts, do all you can to get a high concentration of shows during a short period of time.

Rather than doing one or two shows in a month, book dozens over a period of a week or two. That may seem like a lot but, keep in mind, many shows are pre-recorded.

You can record dozens of shows over a couple of months and based on the schedule of the hosts, many could air during a time period that your book is launching in. Work it into your conversation with the host about your book launch to determine if it fits within their scheduling to release your episode during the launch.

I can promise you this, it WILL take a lot of effort to pull this off. Yet, imagine being on dozens upon dozens of shows over a period of weeks. The potential is incredible.

Virtual Book Tours for Indie AuthorsYou absolutely must learn how to market. One of my favorites is a Virtual Book Tour.

Think in terms of the Trifecta Power of a Virtual Book Tour.

As a speaker and/or author, virtual book tours are very powerful to educate and entertain.

When looking for shows, avoid throwing mud on the wall and hoping something will stick. Take a focused approach.

Listen to the entire interview for great tips and insights on how you can grow your visibility as an author.
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