Imagine putting time, effort and money into a book tour where you planned to tour the country, but because of COVID-19, that’s a fading dream.
I read about one author who had 200 cities planned on his tour. 200!
Granted, that’s much more than most would ever consider doing, but even a 10 city tour is no longer possible.
Actually, the author was into the 40th location when everything came to a screeching halt due to stay-at-home mandates.
Rather than see this as a failure, there is something virtually any author can do… book tours by way of podcast appearances.
Podcast shows create the opportunity to get your message out to untold numbers of people without leaving the comfort of your home.
When done right an author could feasibly get their message out to millions of people in a relatively short period of time.
I know lots of authors who had planned to do actual book tours… traveling from location to location to promote their books.
But again, for an indefinite period of time… that is not possible. What is possible is a Virtual Book Tour.
In essence, you tour via podcast shows.
Book Tours for Indie Authors: Strategically Using Podcast Interviews to Create Massive Visibility, Profits and Book Sales, shows you exactly how to do this.

Plus, you receive two training videos that will put your book marketing on steroids.
-Virtual Book Tours Video Training
-How to Sell Lots of Books with Podcast Interviews Video
It’s on Kindle. Between the Kindle book AND the bonus training videos, you will be equipped to start your own virtual tour.
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Don’t let the current situation stop you from getting your book in the hands of readers. Avoid letting the limitations many people are getting emotionally blocked by hold you back.
Rather, use this time to learn one of the BEST ways to market your book(s) and get your message out to market.
I can assure you, when you learn how to do Virtual Book Tours with Podcast appearances, you will be amazed at what will happen with book sales and your ability to impact the very people who are eager to hear your message.

No one knows how long things are going to be the way they are. Many people are waiting for things to magically change. Don’t leave your success to fate. Create your success by planning out your Virtual Book Tour.  CLICK HERE