Do people know what you stand for? What’s your unique perspective? Do you stand out from the competition?
For most, the answer is no. Case in point, a few days ago, I had a laser coaching session with a woman who I was convinced was boring. That is before I got on the phone with her.
Prior to the phone conversation, I checked out her website. To say her content was bland is an understatement. There was nothing that stood out to make her unique. The copy positioned her as one among many rather than a unique voice.
Within moments of our conversation, she revealed how truly passionate she is about her life’s work.
“I have news for you. The reason you are not attracting much business is because people have no clue what you stand for. Your copy doesn’t state your POV—point of view. I recommend you take what you just shared with me and create new copy for your website. What you have is boring and has no unique tone to it. You are NOT what you portray on your site. You are interesting; your copy is not,” I advised.
“But what if someone doesn’t like what I stand for?” she was quick to question.
“I’ve got news for you. The more you speak your truth the more likely it is there will be people who won’t like you and won’t want to hear from you. On the other hand, there will be those who resonate with your message and because of your unique perspective become raving fans.”
The sooner you are willing to put your unique perspective out to market the sooner you will begin building the kind of business most only dream of.
Lots of people struggle with how to do this. Often it can take the skill of someone else to help us craft our message. I know this certainly happened to me.
matthewA little over a year ago, I was introduced to an incredibly skilled copywriter, who helped me clarify my unique voice for my website copy.
I started with Matthew Goldfarb helping me with my manifesto. What an incredible process this was. Matthew skillfully brought out of me things I had been wanting to voice but didn’t quite know how.
 The result of what Matthew did is nothing short of incredible.
I belong to a mastermind group with some very successful entrepreneurs—all of us are doing our life’s work, while running highly profitable businesses. Like me, many of my mastermind buddies have hired Matthew to help them more clearly convey their perspective and point of view.
Knowing that your unique voice is directly proportionate to running a fulfilling business, I’ve invited Matthew to share exactly what you can do to stand apart from the competition.
During this content-filled webinar you are going to learn:

  • Why most websites fail to convert clients
  • The 3 goals that every profitable website must accomplish
  • How you can capture more leads 
  • Why speaking your customer’s language is essential to sales

It takes place on Thursday, November 14 at 5:00 PM EST. (That’s 2 p.m. Pacific)
Check it out. You will be glad you did. Click here 
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