The easiest way to build your business is to build your visibility. It makes little difference what industry you are in – visibility reigns.
Those who are making a living by way of the internet are always on the lookout for how to increase their visibility. The more visibility you have that builds market recognition, the more your credibility as an expert in your field increases.
Gaining visibility is actually quite simple, but not always easy. If you don’t know who your market is, you can spin your wheels trying to gain visibility in front of the right potential buyers. Before investing time and money in gaining visibility, first identify your tribe. To not do so is counterproductive.
Here’s a simple fact: Visibility creates ample opportunities. Because of the internet there are now countless ways to position your expertise and product. The more visible you are, the more opportunities seem to come out of the woodwork. You can never know the long-term impacts of creating an effective presence on the internet.
Because of all the marketing I have done and the hundreds of interviews, articles, and teleseminars I have participated in, it is not uncommon for me to receive requests to participate in anthology books, telesummits, and joint-venture book launches. And I am frequently invited to do interviews and presentations at industry conferences. I used to say yes to just about everything, never knowing where the yes would lead.
As my business has grown, I have much more clarity regarding what I will and will not say yes to. Yet for anyone who is just starting out and wants to get a lot of experience, I usually recommend saying yes to more than you say no to.
It takes time to build a presence, but with a focused approach you can accomplish a lot in what seems like record time.
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Kim Toth