When I first began my business in 1994 I intuitively knew visibility in my market was essential to growing my business.
This is true for everyone. The more visible you are the better.
However, it’s important to be focused on how we gain visibility as well as to whom.
You can become visible in a number of ways; interviews, articles, writing books, public appearances and joint venture partnerships to name a few ways.
Initially, you will have to be very proactive in what you are doing. If you stick with it amazing things will begin to happen.
There comes a day that rather than you trying to figure out how you are going to gain visibility in front of your market it becomes a part of “business as usual.”
Rather than you seeking out all the opportunities, others will seek you out.
What I love about opportunities to gain visibility through others is exposure to new people. Men and women who may never have heard about me, my business, my products and services and my philosophy.
Check out a recent interview I did that came as a result of being visible in my market. It is with Angela Treat Lyon, host of I Dare You Radio.
I have known Angela for some time. We have a lot in common including our philosophy about life and business.
The interview is about growing your business event when you’re not there in person.
Angela has a knack for her guests sharing very intimate details about life changing experiences.
Check it out. Click here to hear the full interview.
What are you doing to share your philosophy, information on your business and gaining visibility? Share in the comments box.