Think back to January 2009. Did you have professional goals that included a profitable business? Did your goals include learning how to effectively use the Internet to market your business? Did they include turning your knowledge into money making information products and services? Did your goals include impacting the lives of clients around the globe? Did your goals include having the freedom to live the life you desire?
Now come back to today. Are you where you want to be? Is your business where you want it to be?
If not, there may be one very simple reason why; you are not investing in your success. That’s right. To succeed you have to be willing to make some investments. They could be of time, money, resources, and energy.
Let’s look at those who are succeeding compared to many who are not.
What is one thing the great majority of successful entrepreneurs have in common?
If you answered, “They invest in their knowledge base,” you are correct.
All of my colleagues who are making six and seven figures a year invest in themselves and invest heavily.
Whether it be an easy to download eBook or eReport, a live conference, mentors, group coaching sessions or membership programs, we all know that we have to constantly increase our skill and knowledge base. And we know this costs money.

Compare this with people who are struggling to make their business go. A common denominator is they either don’t invest in themselves at all or they are always on the lookout for that next free piece of information they can get.
Granted, there is a lot of great information available that is free. Over the years I have given lots and lots of information away. Yet, there comes a point, even the free stuff ends.
I have to admit, I have been surprised, scratch that, shocked, when someone tells me they want to have a successful business and they would love to have me as their mentor, yet they are not willing to make any kind of financial investment. They just want to get the free stuff.
Thousands of people have been accessing my free information for anywhere from a few days to a few years. Many have invested in my other programs. Out of those have come some amazing successes.
But then I get those who say, “Yes, I really want your information,” and when I tell them about some of my paid programs they say they can’t afford it.
This is not unique to me. I have talked with lots of my colleagues who hear similar things; people who will download all their free information, but never invest a penny in paid information because they say they can’t afford it.
The fact is, if you are going to run a business, you must make some financial investments. To believe otherwise is simply ridiculous. There…I’ve said it, “It’s ridiculous to think you can build a business without knowledge and knowledge does cost.”
I know some people think I am being a bit dramatic about this point, but I have actually gotten to a point where I don’t want to listen to the excuses so many people have as to why they can’t make money.
I’m also a bit tired of those who say anyone who is succeeding is lucky. Stop that!
If you research successful people you’ll likely find they have put a great deal of effort into their success as well as making financial investments in themselves.
Every year, I invest thousands of dollars in my knowledgebase. If I didn’t, I would not be enjoying the kind of business success I do.
I can’t begin to imagine how different my business would be if I didn’t make the investments I have.
Granted, I do remember what it was like to struggle financially. But I also remember making choices where in order to invest in a particular piece of knowledge, training or mentor; I had to choose not to spend my money elsewhere.
Believe me, I know what it is like to have such a desire to make my business work and wonder if I would ever get it. Not only have I gotten it, I now enjoy many of the things I used to only dream about. I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that success does require effort.
Fully aware of what an incredible challenge getting the best knowledge at a very affordable price point can be, I put together one of the most comprehensive, affordable and usable programs around.
The people who have joined my Street Smarts Marketing VIP Club are loving it.
“I love Kathleen Gage’s program because unlike a lot of other marketing programs, hers is simple, easy to follow, and broken down in bite sizes. The steps she gives are not only doable but also helps me make significant progress in my business in a short amount of time. It is amazing how small changes can make such a difference.”
Lisa J Peck, Step It Up Queen,

Is this program for everyone? Absolutely not! It is for anyone who really wants to lay an incredibly solid foundation for success in your business for an incredibly affordable price.
The cost is less than $1 a day.
I’ve actually had some people say they can’t afford this. Granted, I know this may be true for some.
Yet, for someone who says they seriously want to build their business, but are not willing to invest, you are right; you can’t afford this.
Why would I say this? Because the investment is not simply financial. The investment is also of time and energy. You’re not simply going to get your weekly lessons and then through osmosis become successful.
Nope, you are going to have to do some assignments. You are going to have to work for your success. You are going to have to put effort into the program.
There are tons of sales letters floating around the Internet that try to convince the reader that success requires no effort. To this I say, “BS”.
Chances are I am scaring off some people right now with what I am writing. So be it. I am not writing this to placate anyone. I am writing this because I want you to know that there is incredible opportunity available in building a successful business using the Internet.
I am also writing this because I am looking for people to work with who don’t make excuses, but rather have a burning desire to succeed.  People who want real information they can apply and reap rewards for their efforts.  People who want to look back on 2010 with pride, knowing they put honest effort into their success and are reaping the benefits of what they did.
If this describes you, then my VIP Club is for you.