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Closing a deal both online and off is often easier than most people realize. Yet, many miss one simple step that will get you closer to the close of the deal than anything else.

Follow up. Yes, follow up. I can’t emphasis this enough.

Unfortunately, many people miss opportunities due to having a poor system in place for follow up. A great tool for follow up on line is an auto responder. There are a number of programs on the market.

An effective auto responder can take the guessing out of whether or not you will be able to keep in touch with prospects and customers.

More and more people are moving toward the use of an auto responder. With the right program, you can completely automate your emailing process in a way that you deliver instant information to your potential customers.

You can also preprogram follow-up messages that are automatically delivered over the coming days, weeks, and months. You can customize your process so that a series of sequential messages are scheduled to arrive in your prospect’s and customer’s email box on specified days allowing for optimum visibility within your target audience.

The primary benefits to using a reliable auto responder program are you save time, reduce work overload and stress, build name recognition and customer loyalty, increase the amount of prospects that turn into paying customers and you make more money.

A good auto responder can:

* Take orders from your websites
* Send out follow-up letters to customers
* Automate digital delivery of information
* Track the visitors and sales
* Follow-up with prospects
* Take subscriptions to your mailing list or Ezine (electronic
* Respond to a request for an eBook (electronic down loadable
book) or tips sheet

An auto responder is an excellent way to stay on top of requests that come through your website. To gain the greatest return from your One of the primary aspects to using the Internet effectively in your overall marketing is to develop a solid database.

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