There are some experts making thousands of dollars with every webinar they host while others are making little, if anything.
The following three mistakes must be avoided if you want to be among those generating great revenues and reaching lots of people who need to hear and see your message.
1. Not being targeted in marketing efforts
2. Failing to track conversions
3. Lack of proper follow up
Successful marketing is more then the mechanics of steps 1, 2, 3. It’s also about mindset. Having the right mindset is about believing completely in the impact your information will have on the end user. So much in fact that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the word out about your webinar.
Far too many people fall short of their greatest potential because they don’t put 100% effort into their marketing. Avoid this common mistake.
Conversions happen on several levels; visitors to the landing page, opting into your subscriber list, and subscribers to buyers.
Amazingly, most people do NOT pay attention to conversions from beginning to end. Tracking conversions is a must do. When you know your conversions you can make necessary adjustments to increase them when needed.
Follow up
Much of your revenue can be generated days, even weeks, after your event. If you do not have a solid follow up plan in place, begin now to do so.
A common method for follow up is with autoresponder messages. It takes more than one message to gain optimal results.
There are many effective ways to follow up; blog postings, tweets, Facebook wall postings, mentions on LinkedIn and videos with key points from your event to name just a few ways.
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