I have a pet peeve and it’s likely something that is costing you customers. I am going through business cards I was given at a recent event. The last two had website addresses for sites that were “under construction.”
Even though our sites may not be what is selling us, it is representing our message. If your site is “under construction” or goes to the GoDaddy listings, bad, bad, bad.
One of the first places a potential client goes is to your website to “check you out.” Does your site represent the message you want to convey? If not, you best get this taken care of right away.
Recently, a virtual assistant contacted me about her services. When I asked for her site address to check out her services and testimonials she said, “Oh my. I’ve been so busy I just haven’t gotten around to updating the information.” Then she giggled.
I was not amused.
In a recent conversation with a potential client I asked the woman for her web address. “I don’t have a site yet. I need to get my logo done first.”
Nooooooo! She should get her site up and running first. Her logo is not as important as people being able to figure out what she does.
Recently, I did a web search for health experts who work with women over the age of 60. One person’s name consistently showed up. Wendy Ida.
Not only does Wendy have a great site, she has videos, blog posts and other great information to support her expertise.
Based on the great information I was able to review about Wendy, I bought her book, her $67 home study program, signed up for a free teleseminar and am on her opt in list. I eagerly await her information because the fact of the matter is, she’s an expert and everything I found on her conveyed this point.
Click the book image to order from Amazon.
Are you an expert? Does your online presence support your position? Do you have information available that people can access to get a “taste” of you before they invest in your programs?
Or are you piddling your time away trying to get a logo done that 99.9% of potential clients could care less about? (If not a logo, it could be any number of time wasting activities that are not making you money).
Folks, if you want people to know, like and trust you, you best do what you can to grab their attention. You do so with great information in the form of an attractive and functional website, videos, audio files, interviews, reports, articles and blog posts to name a few key elements.
Do you procrastinate getting your information done? If so, I recommend you make getting quality information out to market a top priority.
If you say you don’t have the time, you need to make the time. It’s that simple. Or you need to hire someone to help you.
Product Creation Tip: One of the best ways to get your product creation moving forward is to block out one hour a day for nothing but product creation. If you’re guilty of saying, “I’ll get around to it,” there’s no such thing. You’ll watch time pass and then you’ll be saying, “What happened?”
Want to learn more about how to get product to market fast! Check out this short video. Click here.