Many people have the dream to create a live of abundance, prosperity and contribution. Few people achieve it at the level of Dr. Joe Capista. Rising from the humble upbringings of a young man raised in an era where striving for an average life was the expectation, Joe Capista rose against seemingly insurmountable odds to become one of the most successful people in his industry.

One of the most influential people in Dr. Joe’s life is Charlie Shaivo. Now close to 90, Charlie began mentoring Dr. Joe over 30 years ago. Much of what Dr. Joe attributes to his success he learned from Charlie.

In What Can a Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success? Discover Secrets to Achieving Total Success!, Capista provides readers with insights into the very beliefs and thought processes that are available to virtually anyone who wants a life of Total Success.  Using his own real-life examples Capista takes readers on a journey they will remember for years to come.

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