Over the last 30 years I have read hundreds of books; listened to thousands of hours worth of cassettes, CDs, and DVDs; and been to many seminars and workshops that have enhanced my knowledge base.

Something I have come to know is that life is about flow rather than force. And yet, so often we can find ourselves trying to force a situation, rather than letting things unfold in a natural order.

In the last few years there has been much conversation throughout the globe about flow rather than force. Books like The Secret, A New Earth, The Power of Intention and so much more have shifted the way many people view their life, both personally and professionally.

One book I have had the privilege of reading that has been shifting the perception of thousands of people is called Spiritual Selling. My good friend and colleague, Joe Nunziata, is the author.

Several years ago Joe realized so much of what he had been taught in sales was actually wrong. Joe began shifting from chasing numbers and making quota to allowing sales to unfold.

Actually, most people in any type of sales position have been taught the same thing about chasing the numbers and reaching quota. Most of the sales training today revolves around techniques and formulas. What if everything you learned about sales and business is wrong?

Are you ready to for a completely new way to sell your product or service? If so, you are definitely ready for Joe’s book, Spiritual Selling. If you’ve read this far I truly believe you are someone who would greatly benefit from Joe’s book.

Spiritual Selling is not about religion. It’s about working from the inside out to transform your energy and create the results you desire.

In his new book “Spiritual Selling”-Joe Nunziata will show you how to clear the unconscious negative energy and old beliefs that are likely holding you back.

His new “Attractor Sales System” will turn you into a magnet for new business and opportunity. Not only will you learn some amazing information (or relearn it), you can also save 30% today when you go to http://spiritualsellingbook.com to order.

You will also receive an exclusive “How the Law of Attraction Really Works” tele-seminar series with Joe.

Plus an incredible bonus series of interviews with Joe Vitale (The Secret), Terri Levine (Master Coach), and many others as a bonus.

In success,

Kathleen Gage
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