Although I have been blogging for several years, it wasn’t until I began paying attention to two very, very successful bloggers, did I optimize my time and effort in this arena. As the saying goes, “Had I known back then what I know today…..”
The first time I read anything from The Blog Squad I immediately found it to be useful, applicable and easy to understand. Actually, I started by getting a free report they wrote. To get your own free report from The Blog Squad click here.

They are constantly writing reports to keep their market informed and up to speed on what is going on in the world of blogging.
After reading one of their reports, I decided to purchase one of their programs. I can’t even begin to tell you how valuable their information has been to me in building my blogosphere position.
One thing led to another when Patsi and Denise and I decided their information and my information was a great compliment to our markets. We knew we would likely get a good response from the market by joining forces on some teleseminars. A good response is definitely an understatement. We got a GREAT response.
From all the feedback we have gotten from people who have participated in our teleseminars we have been spot on with what we teach. For example, one thing Patsi and Denise teach is how to write on your blog in a way that people want to read you information. Two, there are ways to optimize your time in Social Networking through blogging to massively increase your reach, visibility and credibility.
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In success,
Kathleen Gage