You’re so lucky. You get all the breaks. It’s easy for someone like you.
All of these comments and more are often made about people who are doing well in their field. Yet luck, all the breaks and being easy “for someone like you” may have little, if anything, to do with one’s success.
Take my four colleagues, Denise Wakeman, Janis Pettit, Ellen Britt and Marnie Pehrson. Each is extremely successful in their chosen endeavors. Although it may seem like they got all the lucky breaks, I can assure you there is more to each and every one of their success stories than getting all the breaks.
Nothing was handed to any of them. Each has been in business for many years and started from the ground up in their business. All four has experienced times when it appeared as if success was some far off dream and yet, through it all, they stuck with their vision and now enjoy an incredible life that affords them many opportunities that make it look like luck is definitely on their side.
Look closely and you will find many similarities between these four highly successful women. Here’s just a smidgen of what they have in common: vision, tenacity, drive, flexibility, risk taking, circle of influence, and willingness to work for what they want.
Although each enjoys a very high level of financial success, they also enjoy contributing to causes that are near and dear to each of them.
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