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One promotion
resulted in $71,710

For years, people have been telling me how much they made on a single launch. I was very frustrated and thought, “I’ve never made that much on anything!

With Kathleen Gage’s coaching, now I have! By following Kathleen’s formula and strategies, one series of promotions resulted in $71,710! 

I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thank you Kathleen!”

Kimberly Marooney

author, minister, guide
angel blessings


“My husband Bruce and I worked with Kathleen to get our business into tip top shape. Everything was going great when one morning our plans for a bright future were dashed to pieces.

Bruce has a massive brain aneurism burst. He miraculously lived and is doing well, yet our lives changed permanently that day.

Through the last 17 months, Kathleen’s loving friendship and business guidance have not only helped me survive but she has helped me step forward to grow and prosper in a new business career.

I am now supporting my family with a great income; I recently spoke on stage to 500 people, and I have written a highly acclaimed book.”

Lana Nelson

author, consultant, speaker
The Food Codes

hosts contacting us!

“The Podcast Rockstar course laid out the principles of how podcasting and outreach to hosts works in a simple user-friendly format. I dedicated a little bit of time every day to completing the lessons and doing the homework. I learnt how to find suitable shows, how to connect to hosts, the importance of consistency, how to present as a great guest speaker, how to repurpose podcast content, how to monetize episodes without explicitly selling anything, and the value of marketing show episodes on your own platforms.

Within weeks, my partner and I were getting booked onto shows and now we have hosts contacting us – the work has paid off and some hosts have even said they would like us to come back on their shows in the future!

Kathleen has been very supportive of my success and always goes to great lengths to assist me in any way she can. The course is great value for money and sets you up for success, as long as you put in the time to follow the steps. I love Kathleen’s no-nonsense approach.”

Natasha Tatton

Owner – Edsbred Vegan bakery


“Working with Kathleen Gage as my mentor and coach for my online business has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Here knowledge runs deep, her commitment to my success is unwavering and her heart is wide open.

I’ve been a consultant to others for the last 30 years and when I needed support and guidance I looked long and hard before I found the coach who I felt could truly deliver the goods. And deliver Kathleen has!

With Kathleen’s help, I grew my very small list to over 5,000 qualified contacts and generated substantial revenue.

Best of all, in less than two years of working with Kathleen, 40% of my income came from my online sales.

I cannot recommend Kathleen’s services enough and can only suggest that you not walk, but run quickly, hire her and begin to build your successful online business.”

Selina Maitreya

author, guide, teacher
practical spirituality

could not have asked for anything better

Kathleen Gage is not only a joy to work with but the ultimate professional. As a speaker her enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge brings value to any event that she participates in.

Kathleen is flexible and willing to adapt on the fly and is engaged with every aspect of the conference.

From planning to execution to follow up we could not have asked for a better partner to work with, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

carmen rustenbeck

ceo and founder
International Pet
Boarding Services

always something of value!

Kathleen is very down to earth and strategic in all her teachings. There is no fluff here! She always provides great value and insights on every call.

One of the things I admire and love the most about Kathleen is that she is always learning and growing herself. She brings that new learning back to her clients which means I always learn something of high value I can use, both personally and with my author clients.

diana needham

Business Book Shephard

Much more than aniticipated

Kathleen Gage’s Masterclass on launching a book went so much further than I expected.  She added such clarity to the mysteries of practice and inspired vision in countless minds!

When I first began following Kathleen, the chaos in my head was constantly overwhelming.

Now, after seeing her logical method of marketing and the exact how-to’s … I feel like a train engine! More importantly, I feel real growth.

Honey Smith Walls

Author, The Language of Cannibas

Couldn’t be happier 

I worked with Kathleen back in 2009 on a best-selling campaign for my first book and I loved working with her so much that I decided to hire her and her team to promote my second book when it came out. Six months later, I couldn’t be happier about my decision!! Kathleen is not just a knowledgable and experienced marketer, she is super energetic, always very positive and encouraging, and most of all, she has the best working habits of anyone I’ve ever worked with – reliable, quick, honest, and gives more than she promises. I have been and will continue to recommend Kathleen and her team to everyone.

masha malka 

best-selling author and founder of The One Minute Coach System

Extreme Leverage 

Kathleen’s 30-Day Content Marketers course helped me in understanding what is possible with content marketing, how to use the various platforms and how to leverage from them. In live sessions, and with actual use cases, Kathleen swiftly educates and opens the vistas to those in the course. Thanks, Kathleen!


author Splendor of the soul



More engagement

I’m very happy that I signed up for Kathleen’s content creation 30-day mastermind.  I’d been stuck without a regular habit for creating and sharing valuable content for my business, but Kathleen provided me with easy things I could do every week to market myself and my work. 

The most important thing I took away is that content creation and marketing doesn’t have to be as time-consuming and cumbersome as I had been making it – shortcuts and time-saving tools are available (for free!) and easy to use. 

This greatly changes my weekly habits and I’m hoping to get more engagement and visibility on social media and the Internet (through podcasts, interviews, etc.) as a result.

marci koski

feline behavior solutions

Much more than aniticipated

Whether it be a webinar, a half-day workshop, a home study course or a multi-day event,  no matter how you engage with Kathleen Gage, you will always come away with so much more than you expected. Kathleen is truly an expert in her field and expert at communicating information so it is relevant and actionable. 

Even better, she is constantly updating her content as trends and processes change so that her audience has the most current information. 

I have attended several of her conferences in the past year and was delighted to receive new information every time. 

elise holcomb

Owner, Osteostrong of Happy Valley

More in two months than previous 10 months

“Within two months of working with Kathleen, I pulled in the same revenue that I had the previous ten months – as much as I had for my highest paying client the previous year.

Kathleen’s focused advice, strategies and support have helped to increase my confidence and allowed me to finally step into a CEO mindset.

I’m already hiring support staff, pulling in large contracts, and enjoying a greater level of ease and excitement with my work.

I congratulate anyone with enough wisdom to work with Kathleen – you’ll be so happy you did.”

Theresa Pridemore 

Cogflower creative


“The choice to have Kathleen Gage keynote at our BlogPaws pet blogging conference wasn’t hard. After learning Delaney’s story – how she raised money online for surgery for her rescue dog – I knew she was for us. Pet friendly was always our first requirement. But we also needed someone who could teach our influencers (bloggers) business strategy and how to monetize their work online.

In essence, BlogPaws required keynote speakers who were relatable, remarkable, and responsive – to our hundreds of pet bloggers, a truly unique group of people. That was Kathleen.

Kathleen brought her A game and met with the bloggers (relatable); brought her voice to share her remarkable business experiences (remarkable); and she brought her listening skills to help her understand each blogger individually (responsive). Her keynote was raved about for weeks afterward.

I would recommend Kathleen for any workshop, keynote speech, or training session for pet professionals including online influencers, small business owners, startups, and any established pet brand needing a new focus on reaching and working with pet parents today..”

Yvonne divita

co-founder blog paws
author, speaker, consultant