Running a business is about energy. There are many types of energy one can refer to; physical, emotional and spiritual to name just a few.
Ask some entrepreneurs what the energy of a business is about and they will give you a long, drawn out answer that likely will be difficult to wrap your mind around.
For the purpose of this discussion I am referring to physical energy which includes allocation of your time.
There is still no shortage of conversations about how tough times are, how slow business is, and how the economy is in the tank.
This is likely very true for some, but for others, the reason things are slow is they have been unwilling to make necessary changes that can literally turn their business around. Rather, they prefer to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.
Better do it different!
If you want different results you must take different actions. Simple as that. If business is slow and you continue to do things the same way you always have, is it any surprise things are not shifting in a more positive way?
There are numerous aspects of growing a business.

Evaluation of the the best use of your time and resources is absolutely essential in business growth. You also need to know where your leads, customers, and revenues are coming from, where you would like them to come from and where they realistically can come from.
When is the last time you took a good hard look at the truth of your revenue stream? If you were to break down what you do, what percentage comes from what efforts?
If you don’t know isn’t it time to find out? Once you have the answers you can better allocate your time and resources.
When will you let go?
Additionally, you can determine what to let go of based on minuscule results.
You can then put (energy) into those things that will give you the greatest result. You may even find there are some activities you have been investing an inordinate amount of time into that you absolutely need to let go of.
Whenever I talk to a group of entrepreneurs the number one frustration they express is not having enough business. Right behind this is not enough time to get everything done. Then there is minimal budget to do what needs to be done.
The mistake I see over and over is too much time being put into continual development with little, if any effort being put into marketing in the right way and in the right places.
Far too many entrepreneurs produce lack luster results due to putting way too much effort into an area that simply is not going to give them the results they want while neglecting what they need to do.
Case in point.
Daily action is required
A great many resistant entrepreneurs fail to take daily action to build their online presence even though they have seen great results when they do focus on building an online presence. I’m not referring to having a website, blog or eBay store. I’m talking about marketing so that people know your sites or online store exists.
Rather than allocate a good percentage of time and resources into marketing and promotions, many will continually add content to their sites and items to their store.
Granted, you do have to have the site and store in great working order, with the best choices for visitors, but if most of your effort is dedicated to continually doing this and neglecting your marketing you will NOT realize your greatest potential.
If you are not skilled at marketing, don’t have the time, patience or energy, then you need to hire someone who can do this for you. There are plenty of resources available who can help.
If your business is not producing the results you want, need or desire and yet, you are not making necessary changes in your marketing efforts don’t be surprised if things never change. In order for change to happen, you absolutely must be willing to change.
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