It has been said, “If I want change, then I must change.”
With all the transformation going on around the globe, some people are choosing to point fingers as to why the change happened rather than looking at what they can do to facilitate a solution to many difficult situations.
Yet there are others who are living completely in the solution rather then focusing on the problem.
One woman who definitely lives in the solution is my friend and colleague, Masha Malka. When Masha was 17 she and her family were Ukraine refugess who left everything that was familiar to them with the clothes on their back. Over the years, Masha not only learned how to live in the solution, she teaches others how to do so to.
One way she does this is with her book, The One Minute Coach. The book has simple to apply strategies for achievement, success, and fulfillment. Best of all, today, November 12th, Masha has gathered together 91 leading authors and experts to show you new ways to transform your life like never before. You will discover how to achieve more of your dreams faster than ever before with the help of The One Minute Coach; change your life one minute at a time.
You have the opportunity in THIS moment, to learn from 91 incredible authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and coaches as well as some modern day luminaries Wayne Dyer, Chris and Janet Atwood, Ken Foster, and me. We are here to help you live the best life you possibly can.
Masha is not someone who just talks about success and achievement, she walks her talk. Simple as that.
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Masha has helped thousands of people transform their lives through her teachings and her books. Today you have the opportunity to get her newest book, The One Minute Coach; change your life one minute at a time, and enjoy 91 gifts from luminaries around the globe.  But this isn’t just another book launch.
When you get her book today you will also be helping two very important organizations. Habitat for Humanity and Friend of Chabad of Southern Spain Charity that assists children of special needs, families in need, as well as religious and communal cultural programs and events.
With this kind of support and belief from one’s peers it will be well worth it to check this out.
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