Veganism is on the rise. Yet, it’s not always a healthy rise. This is what motivated Natalie Stewart to do all she can to raise awareness around healthy veganism.



As a Vegan lifestyle advocate, with a vision to support women through their transition to a wholefood plant-based lifestyle, Natalie Stewart is on a mission to help as many women as possible live the healthiest life they can.

Living in the center of England, not far from London, Natalie is a single-mom of two Vegan sons.

In addition to being passionate about her role as a parent, her other great passion is her business, Wholefood Wellness.

Enjoying consistent business growth, when the pandemic hit, Natalie recommitted to doing all she can to reach as many women as possible with her healthy offerings.

Out of this came her new 8 week program, The Healthy, Happy Vegan Program.

Natalie is a highly respected Vegan transition mentor and coach who is soon to launch her signature online program, the ‘Healthy, Happy Vegan Program’ to guide her members towards obtaining a high-energy, healthy, sustainable, and cruelty-free lifestyle. 

Natalie credits life experience and her degree in Environmental Management as critical in deepening her conviction to live her life in a sustainable and ethical way. 

Natalie is on a mission to bust the myths and limiting beliefs she often hears and demonstrate that your favorite meals can be redesigned to include whole-plant foods for optimal health and of course taste! Natalie’s program has a focus on recreating everyday family recipes ‘Vegan style’ and does not lean on processed Vegan substitutes.

Natalie believes that with guidance, education, and support anyone can successfully move over to Veganism and enjoy the abundance of benefits. 

“Since becoming Vegan, I feel healthy, happy, peaceful and so proud to live in true alignment with my beliefs. I love sharing this feeling and helping others to make the change” 

Natalie’s program is perfect for any woman who knows she needs and wants to make a healthy change in the way she is eating. She may be brand new to veganism or be someone with lots of knowledge seeking a great support system as she moves into the coming year.

Make 2021 a HEALTHY Year

Ready to get your health on track? Then you are ready for Natalie’s newest program designed for women ready to regain and maintain a super healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about her program, go to

At the time of this post, the program begins on January 4th 2021 so be sure to check it out right away and reserve your spot.