now, almost everyone has heard of Twitter and millions upon millions of people
are using it. Yet, many people are not getting the most out of their Twitter


those who may be new to Twitter, let’s start by defining Twitter.


is a social marketing platform done through microblogging. Microblogging allows
a subscriber of a web service to broadcast short messages to other subscribers
of the service through micro posts.

greatest appeal of microblogging is its immediacy and portability. Posts are no
more than 140 characters. Some microblog sites do allow up to 200 characters,
but your Twitter posts can be no more than 140 characters.. Again, this is
characters, not words.

is the most widely recognized form of microblogging. Although there was
skepticism by many when Twitter was first introduced, it is now a very common
form of online communication.


few examples of the power of Twitter are the most recent presidential election,
sporting events where plays are tweeted as they happen, conferences where
audience members tweet what a speaker is saying and during global

you are limited to 140 characters you will often see cryptic and very
abbreviated messages.

underestimate the power of Twitter. Many products and services are being
successfully promoted as a result of a targeted Social Marketing campaign that
includes Twitter.

I host a teleseminar, I am scheduled for a radio interview or promoting a book,
I definitely incorporate Twitter into the mix. It works well in my marketing

in using Twitter
there are countless uses for Twitter, let’s address a few primary reasons to incorporate Twitter into your overall online

  • Gain inroads by
    being viewed as the “go to” expert
  • Build a following
  • Post valuable and
    interesting information
  • Find out what
    people want
  • Stay informed
  • Promotions and
  • Affiliate and Joint
    Venture marketing


Twitter needs to be a part of your overall business
plan. Tweeting is not something you do once or twice a month and expect a flood
of traffic from your minimal efforts. As with anything, the more strategic you
are and the more you put into the process, the more you get out of it.

Those who understand how to master Twitter have a
significant advantage over their competitors. It’s that simple.

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