In talking with three authors recently, it was apparent all had spent a great deal of time writing their books. Not only time, but money for editing, cover design, layout, etc.
“But book sales are so slow!” all commented.
“What are you doing to market?” I inquired with each.
All proudly responded, “I put it on Amazon.”
“What else?” I asked.
“Nothing. I don’t know what else to do,” one author said with obvious embarrassment.
Whenever I talk to an author who is not selling books, I always ask what they are doing to market themselves and their book(s).
Here were other responses.
“I was featured on a podcast,” one proudly responded.
“I wrote a blog post,” said another.
“I was a featured blogger on an author blog,” responded yet another.
“What else?” I attempted to dig deeper.
Shockingly, each had done one thing, and one thing only. They were convinced marketing didn’t work because they didn’t see immediately sales from their efforts.
My response to all three was, “You should be doing that every single day and some!”
It’s amazing how many people will spend time writing their book, but put little, if any effort into marketing and promotions.
Your job as an author is to not only write the book, but to assure people know about your book(s).
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