Have you ever talked to someone who took a training course and complained because the course “just didn’t work”? Or maybe you took a class, but didn’t feel you got much out of it. Was it that the course was no good or maybe you had some part in why you got so little value out of the money and time invested?
I contend there are always two sides to the story. Primary reasons why training courses, whether they be teleseminars, webinars or events where trainer and participants are all in the same room, don’t work are varied. From nearly 15 years as a professional speaker and trainer I have concluded the following reasons.
One, the trainer may not be skilled at material delivery. Two, the material was not a good match for the participants. Three, participants put no effort into achieving an outcome beyond sitting in the training; they didn’t do any of the recommended follow up work.
As someone who takes my work seriously, yet has an incredible amount of fun at what I do, it’s always exciting to me when participants in my courses apply the information they learned and they gain great benefit from the material.

Conversely, it is extremely frustrating when a participant gets little, if any result. In my early years as a trainer I took this personally. Now I know that it may have nothing to do with me, but rather someone took the training hoping to “get it” through osmosis or with very little effort on their part.
I pride myself on the material I develop; delivery of material; and quality of training time. When I promote my training courses I do all I can to let people know that the results they get are based on their level of commitment. I cringe when I see promotional material claiming someone can gain X result with little, if any, effort. This happens frequently in the world of Internet Marketing. People are led to believe they can go from making nothing to making tens of thousands of dollars a month in record time and with limited effort. The reality is, success at anything takes time, effort and energy.
Let’s assume the trainer is skilled, the material a great match for the participant and yet, some participants gets no results while others get incredible outcomes.  More times than not those who see no result have likely not applied themselves 100%. It never ceases to amaze me how some people seem to think they can get results through osmosis. And when they don’t, one of the first things they do is blame the material or the trainer. Not only has this happened to me, it has happened to many of my colleagues who are very skilled at what they do.
On the the other hand, when I have someone say how valuable the training was and they are getting amazing results, I know it is because they did what they had to do to apply the information.
Case in point; the following testimonial was sent to me from a participant in my 30 day Fast Track mentoring course…
“I went from making nothing to now making over $5,000 a month on the Internet thanks to Kathleen ’s teachings.
“I’ve taken courses from several people during the past two years and your courses gave me the most specific information that made it possible for me to go from earning nothing on the Internet to now having a business that earns more than $5000 each month. I did more business in January, 2008 than I did during the entire second half of 2007. 
The combination of your inspirational teaching style and business know-how put all the pieces together for me.”
Connie Ragen Green
Ebook Writing and Marketing Secrets


Or what about what Julie Blake?
“Kathleen’s mentoring program gave me the tools to create a solid foundation for my business and the confidence to try new ideas. Within 10 days of implementing just one idea I tripled my database and got marketing clients from St. Kitts in the Caribbean, to Canada and Alaska. My business is more successful than I could have ever imagined because of Kathleen’s mentoring program.”
Julie Blake
The next time you take a training course do yourself and the trainer a favor; be 100% to the course material, the trainer, application of the information, and most of all, to yourself.
In a few days I am hosting The Fast Track Street Smarts Marketing Mentoring Programhttp://www.streetsmartsmarketing.com/May5.htm
It is a 30-day course designed to get people on the fast track of their Internet Marketing for the products and/or services. It is delivered by way of several teleseminars, learning guides and one-on-one coaching.
To assure attendees will get the most out of this I recommend the following:
1. Write down specific goals you have for the training. Goals about your business or online presence. Make them realistic.
2. Print out the learning guides and place them in a dedicated 3-ring binder. Take plenty of notes and refer to the information more than once.
3. Give 100% to the training calls. Do not have any outside distractions. The more present you are the more you will get out of the training.
4. Have fun and be open-minded.
You can apply these recommendations to virtually any training you take. After all, if you are investing your time, money and effort, why not get as much of a return on your investment as possible?
To learn more about my Fast Track Mentoring Course which begins on May 5, 2008 visit http://www.streetsmartsmarketing.com/May5.htm
In Success,
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer™