Make One Choice Consistently to Change Your Life!
We are midway through January 2020. Chances are a great many people have already given up on their goals, or their resolutions as they like to call them.

Most people will give up on whatever they tried to convince themselves were so important at the beginning of the year. Often when people create resolutions, are sitting at a bar or drinking at a party on New Year’s Eve.
They think, “Oh, I’ve got to come up with something. I’ve got to make a change.”
They may be in somewhat of a tipsy or drunken stupor when they make their resolution. The reality is, with resolutions, in order for them to be effective, just wanting something is not enough.
In this episode, you’ll learn why you have to go a bit “over the edge” to achieve outcomes.
There are times we make one change that becomes a life changing experience… one day at a time.
• For me, it was…
Getting sober in 1983
• Getting in my current relationship in 1987
• Quitting smoking in 1994
• Starting a business in 1994
• Going 100% plant based in 2018
It’s not about making resolutions that creates success. It’s the one choice that you repeat over and over that creates success.

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