In the last few weeks I have become an affiliate partner to several people. The thing is though, I didn’t sign myself up as an affiliate. Someone in the office of the person I am now an affiliate of signed me up without me requesting them to do so.
Although some of these partnerships could be very beneficial, it’s essential to keep in mind that if someone wants to become an affiliate of yours or someone you work for, you need to find out if they want to be an affiliate rather than simply making the assumption they do.

Standard procedure is we sign ourselves up or someone in our office signs us up.
The more involved in the Internet we become, the more people we connect with. The more people we connect with the more some people would love to have us as joint venture and affiliate partners.
To assume that by signing someone up as an affiliate they are automatically going to be a great partner is a misguided belief. To sign them up without first talking to them is not a good business practice. You have overstepped etiquette and boundaries.
Here’s why. For affiliate partnerships to be profitable the affiliate needs to be proactive in marketing your products and services. Just because someone is an affiliate doesn’t mean they are going to do anything to market for you. Especially if they didn’t take the initiative to register as an affiliate.
Quantity is not necessarily the ticket to success when it comes to affiliate partners. Quality and desire to be an affiliate is far better.
So before you automatically assume someone wants to be your affiliate because you are a friend, in the same mastermind group or met through a social network, find out if that is what the person wants. Otherwise, rather than building an alliance they may vote you off the island.