“I’m going to quit eating plant based because I haven’t dropped any weight. This stuff doesn’t work,” was a comment posted on a Plant Based Eating Facebook group I’m a member of.

I cringe when I see comments like this. Why? Because the person likely went into the plant-based eating protocol for one reason and one reason only, to lose weight. There’s so much more to this way of eating then simply viewing it as a diet.

If you view eating plant based as just another “fad” diet, you are destined to fail. Not because you won’t lose weight, but because it is so much more than a diet.

With diets, most people go into them with a specific number they want to see on the scale. And they want to see it fast. Often in a very unrealistic time-frame.

Dieting is usually about achieving weight loss to look good for a special occasion like a wedding, graduation, high school reunion, or any number of celebrations. When we look at our life as the celebration, short term diets lose their appeal. Eating to live fully becomes the choice.

The Majority of People Will Lose Weight

Do most people lose weight by going plant-based? It depends. If they still eat a lot of oil, added salt and processed sugar, likely they will not lose weight. They may even gain.

However, if they eat a whole food, plant-based diet as outlined in the Eat to Live Protocol by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, you can’t help but release unwanted (and unhealthy) weight.

Along with the weight loss, you will lose many of the health issues that you currently deal with. There is plenty of evidence that you can minimize, even reverse health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, fatigue, inflammation and anxiety.

Now mind you, I’m not a health professional, nor do I play one on television. I’m simply a woman nearing my 65th birthday who is determined to not be victim to my own food choices.

For anyone who views plant-based eating simply as “just another diet” I encourage you to look at it as so much more. Look at what you are doing for your health, vibrancy, energy and for the animals. When you make your decision based on this being more than a diet you are likely to experience a huge shift in all areas of your life.

Other Benefits

Along with the minimization of health issues, you are likely to see an increase in the desire to move. No longer will the urge to stay in bed override your desire to move.

Exercise becomes something you look forward to rather than dread. Your activity level is bound to increase due to the increase in energy.

If it’s been any length of time since you have exercised, ease into it. Avoid injury by starting with short periods of exercise rather than going from zero to sixty overnight.

By doing this, you wake your body up. You may be surprised at how quickly you will be able to do more, but again, start smart.
You may also want to consult your doctor or a certified exercise coach to assure you avoid unnecessary injury.

Cravings and Withdrawals

Many people do experience intense cravings from the withdrawals when the go from the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) to a plant-based diet. This is to be expected. After all, when we eat the SAD diet our body is filled with garbage… literally.

When you release these things from your food intake your body is going to rebel. This is why many people won’t stick with, or even start, a plant-based protocol. They are not willing to experience short term pain and discomfort for long-term health.
Yet, the way they live keeps them in a constant state of discomfort. It’s just that they’ve become so used to the feelings they have, anything else would be unfamiliar to them.

The toxicity of the foods we consume is shocking. Manufacturers do all they can to get us addicted. This is not a conspiracy theory mentality. It’s a fact of life that a bit of research will uncover.

To get to the other side of the cravings you WILL have to go through the crappy feelings. There’s likely no way around it, but what you will experience on the other side is incredible.

Everything in life requires daily decisions. Most of the decisions we make are on a subconscious level. Isn’t it time to become conscious of your choices? The very choices that have ended you up where you’re currently at. The very decisions that will determine your quality of life moving forward.

Is it easy to make the best decision for our health and well-being? No! not at all. Is it worth it? Each person must decide for themselves.

Something that helps is to look for success stories of those who were in what seemed impossible situations. You can find a ton of videos and stories on YouTube. I think of people like Kate McGoey-Smith. Her story is incredible.

Kate dropped over 120 pounds, reversed what doctors said were irreversible medical conditions and today shares her success story through blogging, interviews, summits and coaching. She has impacted untold numbers of people who didn’t think they could make the needed changes going plant based would give them.

Give It One Week

When I began my plant-based journey, I did so for only seven days. I was desperate to do what I could about inflammation in my right hand. Not only did the inflammation disappear after only two days, I noticed my energy immediately improved. I also had less anxiety during the day. This was probably a byproduct of getting rid of processed sugar from my diet.

Since then, the changes I have experienced are nothing short of miraculous. It’s been over six months since I first decided to Beginners Guide to Plant Based Eatinggive plant based eating a shot. I seriously can’t imagine ever going back to the way I was eating. But, like any addiction, I recommit daily and take appropriate actions one day at a time.

I chronicle my journey in my FREE eBook, Beginner’s Guide to Plant Based Eating. In this guide you’ll discover more about why I made the decision as well as a 7 day Reboot.  www.plantbasedeatingforhealth.com/guide

What Is the Quality of Life You Want?

Are you someone who settles for a life of misery, mediocrity and brain fog? Or are you someone who wants to experience as much goodness and vibrancy as life has to offer? You, and you alone, must decide what you want your life to be like. Regardless of your current situation, your food choices can have a major impact on the quality of your life.

The decision is yours and as close as the end of your fork.