Why Most Experts Never Write a Book (even though they say they want to)

On any given day, I talk to several experts and entrepreneurs who say they really want to write a book. Most have been thinking about doing so for years. Yet, for whatever reason, the book never gets done.
If you’re an entrepreneur, a book under your belt has many advantages.
Here are just a few:

  • Instant credibility
  • Increased market reach
  • A great resource to build a subscriber list
  • Ongoing revenue generating opportunities
  • A great foot in the door for speaking and training opportunities
  • Creates interview opportunities on podcast and radio shows

In today’s business climate, it’s essential to have as much of an edge as you can. A book offers you this edge.
In a recent discussion in a private Facebook group, the question was raised, “Have you thought of writing a book, but it’s not getting done? If so, what’s stopping you?”
I was amazed at how many people have started not just one, but several books, never completing any of them. Imagine if someone would commit to finishing one book before working on another.

What I’ve Heard Over the Years

The most common reasons (excuses) I hear from those who say they want to write a book, but procrastinate, are plentiful.

  • No time
  • It will take too long
  • Don’t know where to start
  • Writing a book is overwhelming
  • I might be judged
  • What if no one reads it

There are more, but these are some of the most common.
Let’s break each one down.

No time

The only way to find the time is make the time. It’s really that simple. Even if it’s 20 minutes a day, start with a small block of time.
Schedule it in to your calendar and no matter what, during that 20 minute period you write.

It will take too long

Compared to what? Does it take a while to write a book? Absolutely! But then, you might want to check how you’re using your time to determine if you have time leaks. Things like watching a lot of television, spending untold amounts of time on social media mindlessly reading tweets, Facebook posts or looking at the latest video about pigs walking cats. (Yes, there are videos like that)
Truth be told, it’s a matter of prioritizing your time to get the outcome you say you want.

Don’t Know Where to Start

Start right where you are. What you’ll find is if you make a commitment to write every day, the momentum will build and before you know it, you have a lot of writing done.
Something to consider is where the book can lead. What I mean by this is, a book can open speaking opportunities, consulting gigs, and interviews.
Think in terms of what opportunities can open as a result of writing a book. This can be a huge motivator for you.

Writing a Book is Overwhelming

Anything can be overwhelming if you try to do too much at once. If you think you must do the whole thing at once, that’s when it gets overwhelming.
It’s like training for a marathon. The process leading up to the big day is just that, a process.
When I participate in a marathon, I don’t just show up the day of the race. I prepare for months. I build up to the big day with various training protocols. That way, when the big day arrives, I am likely to shine.
It’s the same with writing a book. Pace yourself. Write for different lengths of time. Change up your writing process. Hire a coach if need be.

I Might Be Judged

Yes! You might be. So what? The more vocal you are about your perspective and point of view through your writing, the more you set yourself up to be judged.
That’s just part of life. And if you let what others think stop you, you will never realize your full potential.

What If No One Reads It?

Sadly, this is what happens to most authors. No one reads their book… for one very simple reason; they don’t market it.
According to many experts, most books sell under $100 in the lifetime of the book. That’s awful. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.
When you plan out a promotions campaign to include social media, interviews, media releases and a systematized and strategic book launch, you will be amazed at how many books you will sell.
And the books are your foot in the door for lots of other opportunities.

Get Writing

The fact is, writing a book is an incredible experience. It’s a game changer in so many ways. Imagine how you will feel when you receive emails, cards and postings on your social media walls from people who have been impacted by your words.
Words that can literally change someone’s life.
The only way to have that experience is to make writing your book a priority. Unless you do, the book will forever remain a “Someday I’ll Write that Book.”
Start today to realize your dream.
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