Bonnie L. Frank is a bona-fide expert when it comes to visibility and podcasting. Bonnie L. Frank is the, creator of The Visibility Expert and host of the Business Fabulous podcast on how to build your business with live-streaming!

Bonnie L Frank helps female entrepreneurs grow their business through highly effective online visibility, social media and marketing strategies. Bonnie is known for producing over 2,000 live-streams across thirteen different platforms and now brings these actionable tips to her podcast, Business Fabulous.­­
Today, Bonnie will share her perspective of how an expert can prepare to get lots of podcast opportunities.

  • How to find show opportunities
  • Know your target audience
  • How to make your efforts ultra-efficient
  • How to align your message with the audience you’re speaking to
  • The GREATEST mistake a potential guest will make that gets them booted out of the running before they say a word
  • How to make the listeners happy and asking for more
  • What marketing material should you have prepared
  • How to make your information relevant
  • A huge mistake to avoid when pitching a host… knowing this will get you on a lot more shows than you might imagine
  • How to come prepared for a show

Discover Bonnie’s 3 TIPS for SUCCESS to get on shows.