I am thrilled with the response I have received for my teleseminar with Willie Crawford. With over 700 people registered, I know we are going to have a great time.

Anyone on the call is going to learn Secrets To Lucrative Joint Ventures. The call takes place very soon. July 29th 9 – 10 a.m. PST.

If you are even thinking of attending, now is the time to register. This will likely be one of the most informative calls you will ever be on.


Willie will reveal the secret to tapping into other people’s assets to grow your business at hyper-speed. During the call you will learn:

  • How to massively grow your online business by using the leverage of joint ventures.
  • How to network and set up joint projects, get others to promote your products, build you list faster, build your traffic faster, and make more sales.
  • What are common mistakes people make in setting up  joint ventures and how to avoid them.
  • How to get more potential joint venture partners to say “Yes!”
  • How to approach/contact potential joint venture partners
  • How to make is so easy that potential JV partners have a hard time saying no
  • Why potential JV partners often say no
  • What question you absolutely must answer for potential joint venture partners.

Willie Crawford has been marketing goods and services online since late-1996. In those 12 years, he’s sold everything from ebook to his own live seminars and coaching services.

Willie is founder of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, and Executive Director of The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers.  Willie works as a joint venture broker, orchestrating the launches of numerous products, creating six and seven-figure months for his clients.


See you there,

Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer