We’ve all heard how important it is to niche what we do and who we do it with. Yet, a great many businesses are so flipping general in what they do they continue to flounder from day to day.
Then there are those who are so clear on what they do, who they do it for and why they do it, business literally comes out of the woodwork.
shawnaaSomething else almost every entrepreneur has heard is that it’s so much easier to do something you’re passionate about in business than to do something strictly for the money.
It’s true. When you find your niche and you do what you’re passionate about, you can weather the storms that are inevitable in virtually any type of business.
Case in point…Over the past couple of days I’ve been at the Women In the Pet Industry Conference. I’ve met dozens of entrepreneurs who are incredibly passionate about the businesses they run. shawna
Many have their businesses set up to raise awareness about issues specific to animals. Whether it be dogs, cats, horses, birds, ferrets, goats or any of the other animals we have an affinity to, there are those who are overt about their love and passion for animals, and there are those who have businesses outside of the animal industry who continually contribute through a portion of their profits going to causes to improve the quality of the lives of our furry friends.
I’ve spent the past few days realizing how blessed I am to be one among many who love animals and have a commitment to doing what I personally (and professionally) can to raise awareness and funds for those whose life work is directly connected to the animals.
Between those in attendance, millions of dollars are generated yearly in their respective businesses and nonprofits.—money that goes to benefit our furry friends. Yet, there is so much more to be done. It’s truly a never-ending process.
On Friday, I was the opening keynote speaker for the conference. I succeeded in inspiring those in attendance to play at the highest level to do all they can to fulfill their mission with animals. Not only was the group incredibly responsive, we managed to raise a lot of money for some very worthy causes. More on that in a future post.
shawna 2shawna 2For now, I want to do a huge shout out to Shawna L. Schuh for creating such an incredible conference to bring together so many movers and shakers, who are incredibly passionate about the well-being of animals. When I think about how much is being done for raising awareness by each and every person here, it blows my mind.
With everything from solopreneurs to huge corporations being represented at this conference, this is business at its best.
woman of the yearMy post wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the efforts of Yvonne DiVita—2015 Woman of the Year in The Pet Industry. As one of the founders of Blog Paws, Yvonne has worked tirelessly for years to create the largest community of pet bloggers. Blog Paws holds an annual conference that brings together bloggers from around the globe, who are also committed to the well-being and awareness about the needs of every type of animal.
yvonne2Between Shawna and Yvonne, these two women are powerhouse entrepreneurs, who have overcome incredible odds to create a voice for the animals through their businesses.
They have shown, by example, that it takes more than simply having an idea, and that in order to make positive changes in the world you absolutely must put the idea into action.
Congratulations to Shawna for the success of the 2015 Women in the Pet Industry Conference! You knocked it out of the park.
And congratulations to Yvonne for being the well-deserving recipient of 2015 The Woman Of the Year In the Pet Industry.
I love and respect both of you! Keep doing such an amazing and PAWSOME job! You are a blessing.