In talking with my good buddy, Pat Fortin Mussieux, we both realize how far we have come in our health journey. As older women, we have an unending and continued commitment to health. So much in fact, we can’t imagine not eating healthy, exercising and showing what’s possible for women in our mid sixties (and beyond).

Pat is one of the most energetic women I know. She can run circles around women half her age. She not only exercises on a regular basis, she eats healthy, runs two successful businesses (one is business consulting and speaking, the other is a nutrition business) and mentors women from around the world on their business, health and nutrition.

Most of my conversations with Pat revolve around the importance of health and business. If you don’t have your health, it’s difficult to be energized in business. With your health, you have clearer thinking, focus, energy and more passion day in and day out. All this equates to a more profitable and enjoyable business.

Health is My Passion

Without a doubt, being a healthy woman IS my passion. When I look at the books I read, blogs I subscribe to, YouTube Videos I watch, a great many of them are health related. I’m always consuming health and nutrition information as well as exercise ideas.

One book that recently inspired me is Eat Green Make Green: How Adopting A Vegan Diet Took My Life & Career To The Next Level by Pat McAuley.

Committing to Plant Based

After reading Pat’s story, I was inspired to make a change in my eating regime. Although I eat relatively healthy, two weeks ago, based on Pat’s book and watching his TedX talk, I decided to go 100% plant based in my eating. I was going to do it for seven days. 

Seven days came and went and I felt GREAT. So I continued for another seven days. Again, seven days came and went. So, now on to my next seven days.

When we make changes, one way to assure a great result is to commit to something for a short period of time. Thus the reason I decided on seven days.

With the results I’m getting, I’m excited to recommit every seven days.

Not only am I feeling great, I am staying in alignment with my commitment to be kind to animals. I have cut out all meat products 100% including red meat, pork, fish, chicken and anything dairy. It feels great to do that.

Once a Week Weigh In

One thing I am not doing is jumping on the scale every day. There’s no point. The scale only gives me part of my story. How I feel gives me more of the story.

I am weighing in once a week. What I like about this is I get to see how excess weight is dropping off without being obsessed with my weight. From all I researched, my weight will balance out to my optimal level without a focus on “dieting” with a plant based protocol.

One of the first things I noticed though was my belly went down considerably. And I stopped feeling bloated. That’s a huge benefit.

Other benefits have been better sleeping, inflammation in my right hand is completely gone, more energy, incredible focus and extended periods of feeling euphoric. My exercise energy is higher than before going plant based.

The main thing I have to be cognizant of is getting enough calories for my activity level. I run, weight train and bicycle on a regular basis. Thus the need to make sure I am consuming plenty of calories.

Morning Power Drink

I start my day with a power drink. This is today’s recipe. I call it the Yum Power Drink.

  • A large handful of kale
  • One banana
  • Cup of mixed berries
  • One scoop of spiralina
  • One scoop of plant protein mix
  • One dropper full of liquid chlorophyll
  • Cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • Enough water to give it a smooth, easy to drink consistency

Throw in the blender. Blend for at least 60 seconds until everything is smooth.


Stay Hydrated

I also drink between 70 – 110 ounces of water per day. I add a 1/4 teaspoon of Cream of Tarter, dropper full of chlorophyll and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. This helps with leg cramps and dehydration.

The bottom line is this; you will either live your life in the healthiest way possible or you won’t. It’s really that simple. There are many diseases we do have control over. For me, I want to do everything in my power to keep illness, lethargy, disease, and lack of energy at bay. By eating healthy, exercising, meditating and keeping my focus on well being, it is possible to live with so much passion and energy people will say, “I want whatever you’re having!”