Have you ever had something happen that brought the world as you know it to a standstill? Something so unexpected that it seems almost surreal, yet you know it’s very real?
Recently, I had just such a turn of events. With a phone call my world turned upside down. So much in fact that for the first time in fifteen plus years of owning my business I chose to cancel several teleseminars, interviews and client mentoring sessions.
Last week I cancelled three such events until further notice. This coming week I chose to cancel two more. Things are still in limbo with our family emergency so this is a choice I needed to make. For anyone who registered for these you will be notified when we reschedule.
Due to the severity of the family crisis I have made a choice to postpone any events for an indefinite period of time that prevent me from being fully available for my family. The love and support I have received from readers and clients around the globe has been amazing. I am forever grateful.
Fortunately, I am able to respond to the needs of my parents (both in their 80’s) due to the structure of my business. However, it wasn’t always this way and I realize many people are not able to do this.


There are ample reasons, but in reality it doesn’t have to be this way. When your business is set up in a way that you are not trading dollars for hours 100% of the time you do have more flexibility. Simple as that.
For those who have structured their business with sustainability there is more freedom to make the choices during times of personal crisis or simply a desire to take time off.
You can create sustainability with multiple streams of revenues. One of the best ways to do this is with information products.
Information products are a great way to package your expertise and knowledge base. I know lots of people making hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of dollars each and every month with information products.
Lots of top experts have everything from low priced info products to high priced resources. One of the easiest to develop and sell are eReports.
I have developed lots of reports that have generated thousands of dollars each.
Why not write some of your own? Ready to learn how?
The mistake many people make is they’ve bought into the statement, “Build it and they will come.”
Don’t believe this for a moment. Otherwise you will build and build and build and nobody comes because they don’t know “it” existed.
To learn some powerful ways to market online check out my Become a Bestseller eReport.
You will learn strategies that will not only show you how to market a book online, but just about any information products you can think of.
Speaking of marketing, one of the best promotions tools around is web radio. I have done hundreds of interviews over the last few years. Radio has been one of the best tools to get my message out to large numbers of listeners for next to nothing.
There you have it. Three outstanding resources I created based on my years of experience with online marketing and making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.
What are you doing to sustain your business? Your comments are welcome.