Have you ever wondered how long it takes someone to form an opinion of you? On average, it’s about six seconds.  Carolyn Kiel is an expert in teaching people how to create opportunities beyond 6 seconds. Those who have amazing stories and know that 6 seconds is not enough time to tell it all.
As the Host of the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast, she interviews entrepreneurs, creators and leaders about their candid and inspiring stories: the challenges they’ve faced, the ups and downs in their journeys, and how they’re achieving their goals.
I had the opportunity to interview Carolyn for my segment, What a Host Wants. This is an engaging and informative interview.

Beyond 6 Seconds was created based on the fact that most people have incredibly short attentions spans. When Carolyn thought of recruiters, she realized most make their decision what pile a resume goes into within six seconds.  Carolyn Kiel is a learning and development leader who helps global companies prepare their employees to succeed during times of change.
Carolyn’s passion is talking to everyday people who have incredible stories that grab people within six seconds.
In talking with Carolyn a few things became apparent that a guest must know before approaching a host.
Most importantly, what impression do you give in the first six seconds?
Carolyn’s insights

  • Be authentic. Know your personal brand. Know your strengths. Determine what makes you unique. Be genuine.
  • What drives you? This is important to know.
  • Combine this to be noticeable in 6 seconds or less. Realize, you are being judged immediately, from the moment someone sees you and you open your mouth. It’s human nature.
  • During the interview you will find out who her most memorable guest was and why.
  • When you pitch, be specific. Listen to a few episodes (or at least part of the episodes). Get your information correct such as the name of the show, host’s name, theme and niche when you pitch. Not doing so puts you in the “not to be considered” pile.
  • Avoid generic pitches. Let the host know what kind of value you will bring to the audience.
  • Realize that hosts get lots of pitches on any given day.

Top three things to do to get on shows

  • Research the show and pitch from that perspective and know the theme of the show
  • Point out why you would make a great guest
  • Be prepared for your interview and offer a few talking points

More about Carolyn Kiel
When asked who her “bucket list” guest is, Carolyn was quick to say, “Brandon Stanton the man behind Humans of New York or Hony.”
Want some “win over” points with Carolyn? Introduce her to Brandon.
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