Something many authors either don’t realize, or want to think doesn’t apply to them, is the need to market and promote their works. However, most authors who are actually selling their books and making a profit from them seem to have a very clear understanding of the fact the book doesn’t sell itself. They also realize that just because they wrote a book doesn’t mean Oprah will miraculously discover them.
In the real world of book marketing and selling the challenge can be where to invest time, money and effort to market your books. Of course, if you have a publicist who takes care of everything, you may not even have to think about this. You invest the money, they put the effort in (although there is no guarantee of the results).
Even if you hire someone to do your book publicity you will be well served to have an understanding of what needs to be done and where to do it.

One of my favorite methods for marketing and selling books is with live events. This used to be my primary method before I got immersed in the power of Internet Marketing.
I would do a presentation and sell back-of-the room. If it was a self-staged event, I always had it written into the contract that there would be a skirted table provided for my products. Depending on the variety of items, I may ask for more than one table.
When I get hired to speak, I do all I can to have product selling as a part of the presentation. In some cases it works, in other cases it is absolutely forbidden. If I am given permission by a paying client to sell BOR, I have that clause added into the agreement. That way there is no chance of a misunderstanding if the person who originally hired me is no longer with the company.
With my immersion into online marketing and sales, there are a few ways I can sell my books and never leave the comfort of my home. There are other people’s sites,, my own sites and blogs and through special Joint Venture campaigns to name just a few.
Although I am happy to make a sale in any of the above mentioned ways, the one that is a real thrill to do is with a Joint Venture campaign. In one 24 hour period an unknown author can literally sell thousands of books. However, there is a substantial amount of upfront preparation that goes into the process.
Something I enjoy doing regardless of how I sell my books is find creative ways to get the book to market, sell it and make a profit without any out of pocket expense. Now that doesn’t mean it doesn’t cost (and cost a lot) to get a book to market and turn a profit. However, there are countless ways you can minimize the financial bite.
To find out what I have done, I invite you to listen to my FREE audio file called, “Discover how to Write, Publish & Market a Book with No Out of Pocket Expense (Yes Really!)”  You may be surprised at how simple the process is.
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Not long ago one of my readers sent me the link to a website that has numerous resources (many of them free) that can benefit any author in their marketing efforts.
Site owner Dennis AuBuchon has put together a wealth of information at
One of the purposes of the site is to help other authors by providing information and resources to help them gain exposure. It’s obvious Dennis put a lot of effort into gathering the resources and posting in one location.
There are many, many more resources available to enhance your book’s visibility and sales. In upcoming posts I will be sharing other resources to benefit you as an author and/or publisher. Many of the methods are directly linked to Internet Marketing.
In success
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer