It’s amazing how many solopreneurs will repeatedly say how slow the economy is and yet not look at their part as to why they may not have as much business as they would like.
Case in point: There are two services I need that make my life easier and safer. One is the service of delivery of firewood for the winter.
The other is getting our chimney cleaned for the season. Not just the base but an actual sweeping of the entire chimney.
Last year we were extremely pleased with the gentleman we purchased our wood from and the gentleman who cleaned our chimney.
Prepared to make the same purchases this year with both these men we ran into one small problem – we don’t have contact information for either.
It really is this simple
A simple phone call, postcard or email from these solopreneurs would have resulted in instant business. Rather, we will have to search them out.
Which leads to the question, “Is business slow because of the economy or due to lack of systems which include keeping in contact with customers?”
Granted, there are industries in which the economy has hit hard and heavy. Yet, there are plenty of entrepreneurs who would not be struggling if they had the good sense to keep in touch with their customers.
This is true for both offline and online businesses. If business is not where you want it to be is it really that the economy is slow or is it that you have not done everything in your power to acquire business?
Quit blaming othersย 
It’s amazing how many solopreneurs are quick to blame outside circumstances for less than desirable revenues rather than look at their part in the situation.
A few days ago I was contacted by a gentleman I have purchased several products from over the last year. His email read, “Wanted to let you know I have XYZ. I know you have an interest in these. Are any of the products listed of interest?”
Within minutes I was sending him money for my product of choice.
Had he not contacted me he would not have made an immediate sale. A sale that resulted in a more profitable bottom-line.
Consider this; assuming your products and services are stellar, are you truly doing all you can to make sure your name is in front of your market? If you offer seasonal products or services are you making sure you contact customers before they need you to make sure you are first on their mind when it is time to purchase?
It’s your responsibility
Do you have systems in place that assure you will minimize your risk of being among the countless other men and women who are saying, “The economy, it has to be the economy as to why my business is slow.”
The fact is, you have more control over your revenue than you think. Another fact is, you must be very honest about how much responsibility you are assuming in your success.

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